Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Detour Lower Sugar Neapolitan

Everyone knows what Neapolitan ice cream is. It’s the go-to ice cream that comes in giant generic tubs in the grocery store that parents buy for their kids’ elementary-school birthday parties, because everyone is going to like at least one of either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. And if not, well, that kid probably shouldn’t be eating your ice cream anyway.

Anyway, Detour has come out with a new flavor based on this classic (if, in my opinion, boring) combination. I got one free during their Facebook celebration of its release, and it finally came in the mail, surviving quite well in a simple bubble-wrap coating envelope:

“A triple play of delicious ice cream inspired flavors – a rich milk chocolate soft set layer sandwiched between creamy vanilla and sweet strawberry nougat – melt together in a one-of-a-kind taste experience.”
This is the Lower Sugar Neapolitan bar. It’s rather pretty with that white drizzle, I wonder what made them add that.... Anyway, it smells like strawberry before you even break it.

Well, it certainly looks like the packaging indicated (a little bit bright pink though!), which I always appreciate. Kind of looks like those yucky little sugar wafer cookies, doesn’t it? The chocolate layer is the thinnest, and the other two appear to be the protein bases. The artificial strawberry smell is even stronger now, but I can still smell the chocolate coating too.

This bar is pretty up front in its presentation; what you see (and smell) is what you get. The strawberry is definitely the most noticeable flavor, with the chocolate coating a close second. The vanilla...honestly, how can you tell? “Vanilla” usually translates into “generic background flavor that is plain and boring and could really be just about anything,” and is usually just there to mix other things into. There is a slight hint of a protein bitterness, but the strawberry mostly cancels it out and after a few bites it’s not even noticeable.

This bar is very soft and nougaty, like the description says, but with a slight crisp to the base. It’s very easy to chew, though maybe a bit gummy. As far as I can tell, there’s no textural difference between the layers.

What sold me on this bar is the way the strawberry mixes with the smooth, rich chocolate coating. There’s just something about the smoothness and subtlety of the whole thing that other chocolate/strawberry bars don’t quite pull off. It blows thinkThin’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries out of the water.

Taste: 9--mostly the sweet artificial strawberry, which goes perfectly with the chocolate coating. The vanilla is negligible..
Texture: 10--very soft, a little gummy, nougaty and smooth. The chocolate coating is very smooth and creamy.
Health: 8--as part of the lower-sugar line, it’s a lower carb option, but it replaces the sugar with sugar alcohols, so watch out. 15 grams of protein is a plus.
Eat Again? Yes.

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