Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: PR*Bar Apple Pie

It’s been so long since I first tried a PR*Bar that I had to go back and reread my notes from that encounter. PR stands for “personal record,” so I’m guessing this Apple Pie bar is supposed to help me achieve some sort of personal best. To that end, it is gluten-free, hunger-controlling, natural, and contains 15 grams of protein.

It also has a white coating, which makes me even more likely to eat it because those are my favorite. It smells like green apples (don’t ask me why, but I associate green apples with more tangy apples, while red are sweeter). It’s also very easy to break, though not exactly flexible.

The inside is sort of caramel colored, which makes sense considering it’s also the color of apple pie. These bars are meant to be part of a specialized diet program called “fastburn nutrition,” which is personalized for you by...the all-knowing PR*Bar website! (See my review of the Oatmeal Raisin Granola flavor for more details on that.)

Anyway, since I’m only trying these bars for fun, I have no idea whether or not to expect a new PR. But I can say that this bar is a passable imitation of apple pie. I don’t eat very much apple pie, and none of it has yogurt coating, but I know I like it when there’s more gooey cinnamon stuff than apple chunks.

Here, there’s more apple than anything else. And it’s a tart apple taste, just like the smell. Like almost Granny Smiths but not quite; far from my favorite Red Delicious. It’s waaay more appley than Quest’s Apple Pie flavor, and slightly more so than what I remember from MET-Rx’s. Where the base is tart, the coating is sweet and cool and yogurty...oh, perfect! It’s a nice complement to the base, though I wish it were thicker (you can actually see the color of the base through it).

This bar is very soft, although there are small crisps in the base. Like the MET-Rx bar, it’s a bit odd to have crunchy apple pie, but I think it works. Otherwise it might be a little too boring, and way too easy to blow through. It’s not jaw-tiring at all, more like a soft cookie. That said, it turns dusty and dry as you finish chewing a bite, and that powdery feel sticks around. There’s also an aftertaste which, while predominantly apple, does contain a slight hint of protein.

Other than that, though, this was a success. It’s just as good as, if not better than, Quest’s apple pie flavor, and certainly more appley. It’s definitely for the people who like the APPLE in apple pie, not the PIE (like me :)). I don’t know if I’d make it a regular purchase, but I’d certainly eat it again.

Taste: 8--very apple, less pie; the base is tart but the coating is very sweet.
Texture: 8--very soft like a cookie, but a but dry and powdery after eating.
Health: 8--with equal amounts of protein and sugar (15 grams each), it might be more of an energy bar. But it is filling, and obviously better than real apple pie...
Eat Again? Yes.

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