Friday, March 22, 2013

Some More Fun Thesis Fuel...

Hey guys! Some recent discoveries as I continue my thesis has been submitted for format review and to my advisor as a rough draft to look at content. Needless to say, he wants more work! These things are never perfect the first time. But anyway....

Remember how I wasn’t going to buy marshmallow fluff ever again? Well, I wasn’t...until I walked past the peanut butter shelf at Giant and there at the bottom was toasted marshmallow fluff! Umm, yes please! So I foolishly picked it up. It’s addictive and divine and, just like its plain sibling, I can’t stop eating it straight from the spoon. Slightly healthier than eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s S’mores ice cream just for the toasted marshmallow swirl...but not much. My favorite sandwich is now fluff and caramel ice cream topping. It’s super sweet and super sticky. This stuff is also great for people like me who don’t actually like the cookie part of the Oreo, because if you scrape out the cream you can put so much fluff on that the cookies don’t really taste like Oreo cookies anymore.

Oh, and for a twist on s’mores? That cookie dough dip I made last week spread on a graham cracker with this fluff. It’s sort of peanut buttery, so it’s like a Fluffernutter s’more. This could potentially be a sandwich, too...hmm, the possibilities are endless! But far and away my favorite way to eat it is straight from the tub. :)

Same day, same store, different food group: French toast bread! They had French toast bagels, too, but they didn’t feel very fresh. Plus, three pieces of bread is roughly one bagel, and you can put butter on so much more surface area of the bread that way! Because this is awesome toasted (just a little, so it’s not crispy) and spread with liberal amounts of butter (OK, margarine). I love Panera’s French toast bagels, but I’m hardly ever out there, and they’re a bit pricier than the Giant store brand bread. So I was super excited to find that they exist elsewhere! I’ll be sad when it’s gone.

And, finally...snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches. Seems like a weird time of year for that (aren’t snickerdoodles a Christmas thing, or is that just my wrong impression?). But Skinny Cow has these limited edition sandwiches, which are made of oatmeal cookie wafers and low-fat cinnamon ice cream. Maybe not quite as filling as the M&M’s ones we usually get, but it’s a fun flavor that I’ve never seen before, and they do taste good! Actually, the flavor is a nice complement to the French toast.

Well, that’s it for the update. No, wait! I forgot to share the most exciting news...I have an apartment now! It’s been reserved for me and I move in on Memorial Day, which will give me a few weeks to settle in before I fly to New York for orientation and then start my job. I don’t know whether to be excited or overwhelmed at the thought of furnishing a whole apartment. But I am looking forward to the end of the semester now. Only six weeks to go! Thanks to everyone who’s been sticking with you guys! :)
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