Thursday, March 7, 2013

Talenti German Chocolate Cake (A Gelato Review)

After branching out into the gelato section of the freezer aisle and raving about my first pint of Talenti--Caramel Cookie Crunch--I’ve been curious about their other flavors. But none of them sounded all that exciting when I was also faced with a shelf of Ben & Jerry’s mix-in-loaded pints. Only a few don’t incorporate some sort of fruit, and of those there aren’t a lot of exciting choices. Belgian Milk Chocolate doesn’t have any mix-ins, it’s just plain chocolate gelato. Ditto the vanilla bean. I was intrigued by Double Dark Chocolate until the vermouth in the description scared me away. And sea salt caramel...well, I had a bad experience with sea salt caramel pretzel frozen yogurt at Kiwi and I’m not sure if this would taste similar.

Anyway, there was always Peanut Butter Cup, but I couldn’t find it. But when I got my pint of Ben & Jerry’s new Chocolate Peppermint Crunch at Giant, there also happened to be a limited edition flavor of Talenti that isn’t listed anywhere on the website.

German Chocolate Cake. I love these clear, screw-top pints. They let you see the chocolate swirl running through the gelato. But, I wish they’d print descriptions on their pints like B&J’s does, because without a listing on the website I have no idea what exactly is in there. I mean, I know what German Chocolate Cake is, but is there cake inside? Or just caramel and pecans and coconut and chocolate swirl?

Answer: No cake, only the ingredients you top the cake with. That crater I dug out was chock full of sugary coconut swirl. It was slightly gritty, with that shredded-coconut texture you always get. I also revealed more of the coconut-pecan mixture.

I can’t tell if there’s a caramel swirl that goes with it or if that’s just the color of the pecan. And honestly, after finishing the pint (:)), I still couldn’t tell you if there was any caramel in here. It was predominantly nuts and chocolate. Some of the pecans were very nutty, just like you’d find them in nature, and some had more of a praline aspect (I liked those ones better).

The chocolate base is very creamy right out of the freezer, since it’s gelato. It’s lighter and milkier than B&J’s chocolate base, this contrast being all the more obvious since I ate this the night after I ate the Chocolate Peppermint Stick. It’s also a little fluffier, but still very rich in its own way.

My absolute favorite part is the chocolate swirl (it’s the same as the one in Caramel Cookie Crunch). It’s really thick and fudgy, like some sort of ganache, and gooey even though it’s frozen. It gives the chocolate gelato a huge chocolate boost, and I found myself saving it for last so I could savor it.

I wish they had different mix-ins, and more caramel. This flavor is decent, but it certainly doesn’t stand up to Caramel Cookie Crunch. And I still revere Ben and Jerry.
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