Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Stress-Induced Munchies and the Dangers of Marshmallow Fluff

We’re back into the thick of things after spring break, halfway through my final semester with my thesis fully drafted and submitted to my advisor before the format review this weekend. My project at work (which was also the subject of my thesis) is through development, so now I’m only coding maintenance as issues pop up.

Plus I applied for an apartment, set a moving date, and filled out my paperwork for IBM’s nice relocation compensation that was part of my contract. So it’s been a little stressful, and probably will remain that way until my thesis is well and truly done in April.

Anyway, I get through life with snacks. Not just my usual protein bars and ice cream, which I know is the impression my blog gives...I’ve also had a Chex Mix revival lately when stress-induced munchies hit.

First off, they’re expanding their line of Muddy Buddies. I liked the peanut butter and cookies & cream varieties that have been out for a while, but this weekend I found a brand-new type of Muddy Buddy!

“Brownie Supreme” isn’t exactly a descriptive title, and there is virtually no information about these online. But they look like standard Muddy Buddies that are coated in some sort of cocoa/powdered sugar mixture. That’s what they taste like, too. You can hardly taste the corn Chex underneath. They’re good and most certainly for the chocoholic who wants a crunch, but a little unexciting in the end. In all, I probably won’t buy them again, but I did eat most of the bag in one sitting...oops. Maybe I shouldn’t buy them again. ;)

Or, if you’re more for variety, there’s the limited edition Winter Cocoa Chex Mix. Actually, I don’t think it’s available anymore, but I stocked up when it went on sale and now have about eight bags that I need to eat before it comes out again next winter!

This stuff is pretty good. It’s got two different kinds of pretzels, chocolate-covered corn Chex (some not-so-chocolate-covered), yogurt coated corn Chex (yay!!), cinnamon-bun-shaped biscuit-ish things that are also dusted in chocolate powder, and teeny tiny marshmallows like the kind that come pre-mixed in some hot chocolate packets.

Well, I said it’s pretty good...AFTER you remove all the pretzels. In my opinion, they totally ruined what could have been an awesome mix by adding those stupid little windows and O’s. (Why do we need two different kinds of pretzels, anyway? Isn’t one too much already?) I know I’m biased because I’m not a big pretzel fan anyway, but the combination of the sweet chocolate, yogurt coating, and especially the marshmallows DOES NOT work with the salty pretzels. Plus they have nothing to do with wintertime or hot cocoa, while you could argue for the other components.

But after pretzel dissection, the rest of the mix is really really good. My absolute favorite...OK, I can’t decide between the yogurt-coated Chex and the mini marshmallows. The chocolate powder is subtle but definitely makes this a good fit for a chocolate craving. And those cinnamon bun thingies are almost as good as the marshmallows--they almost have a shortbread cookie feel. Which I guess makes sense for the Christmas-time theme.

In other breaking news...I bought my first-ever tub of marshmallow fluff and have since learned my lesson. I will never buy another one again. Lesson learned after eating half the tub straight off the spoon in one night.

Well, that’s it for now...any other munching suggestions? Or how to resist the rest of that fluff? ;)
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