Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: EAS Advantedge Carb Control Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

I’ve realized lately that of my most frequently-reviewed brands, I’m running out of flavors. Pretty soon I’m going to have to find something new to post about because I’ll completely run out of protein/nutrition bars! But EAS is still relatively new to me, so I’m not too worried yet. At worst, there will always be yearly releases of new Ben & Jerry’s flavors. :)

But back to EAS. Today I decided  I’d better eat the Advantedge Carb Control Chocolate Peanut Butter bar that’s been sitting in the basement for most of the winter. It has 17 grams of protein and 230 calories and is just another version of the Chocolate Chip Brownie bar I had a while ago, which wasn’t a hit. Maybe that’s why I’ve been putting off trying this one.

It smells like milk chocolate, no hint of peanut butter whatsoever. But...

The inside tells a different story, a peanut butter-filled story, at least in looks. There’s the base protein layer, and then that mouthwatering gooey peanut butter layer on top. Being chilled from the basement, this bar was a little tough to break, but with the goo on top my fingers punched right through the top coating of chocolate.

It does carry a little bit of peanut butter flavor, but not nearly enough to satisfy a true peanut butter craving. The base tastes a bit like protein as well, but it’s almost as muted as the peanut butter flavor. Which doesn’t leave much flavor in this bar! The chocolate coating is a nice, smooth milk chocolate, and makes the bar a bit more authentic, but it’s not the dominant flavor either.

Even though it was tough to break, it’s easy to chew. The coating is a crisp shell that complements the texture of the base. And goo is always good. In this case it gives a creamy component, adding to the already smooth feel of the chocolate.

Unfortunately, this bar is just kind of blah. The taste doesn’t really stand out for me, though the texture is admirable. On the plus side, it’s inoffensive. It’s not excessively proteiny, nor is it all that peanut buttery or chocolatey. It

Taste: 7--not really peanut buttery, but not proteiny either. The chocolate also isn’t a major player.
Texture: 8--soft, with a crisp coating. The gooey layer adds creaminess.
Health: 7--it delivers protein with only 2 grams of sugar, but there are as many sugar alcohols as protein and sugar combined!
Eat Again? No.

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