Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: fullbar Double Chocolate Cocoa Chip

I found my first fullbar about six months ago, on the way to Virginia Beach. Before that I’d never heard of them, and then I discovered them at Weis in State College. I guess I just never looked in the right places. I’ve only ever seen two flavors in stores, but the website lists five...what’s up with that?

fullbars are supposed to help you lose weight by keeping you full on less food. (I don’t know about you, but that strategy never works for me. I eat because I love to eat, not always just because I’m hungry. :)) Anyway, they’re fairly large in overall surface area, but also really light.

This is the Double Chocolate Cocoa Chip bar, and it looks to be a crispy chocolate bar with a nice chocolate drizzle. It even smells pretty chocolatey.

OK, maybe crispy is an overstatement. “Soggy” would be a better description. In my last fullbar review, I said the base was like Honey Smacks. Well, it’s the same thing here: sure, there’s a cocoa/chocolate taste to it, but if you’ve ever had Honey Smacks before you’ll instantly recognize them. Even though the ingredients list just says “puffed wheat” me, it’s Honey Smacks! Beyond that, it’s a little bit bland. The chocolate on the surface doesn’t penetrate into the heart of the bar.

And it’s like the Honey Smacks absorbed the moisture in whatever they used to bind it together, making them far from crispy and, like I said above, soggy. No matter what else I try to say about this bar, I keep coming back to that. I’d like to think that maybe mine was a little old and stale, but the fact that this also happened with the Peanut Butter Crunch bar indicates otherwise. It was a workout to chew for something so light, which I suppose could help you lose weight by burning more calories chewing, or keeping you busy long enough that you don’t have time to eat something else afterward.

So, on the plus side, it does taste like chocolate, albeit with a strong tinge of Honey Smacks. It might seem like a slightly odd combination, but it actually kind of worked. Unfortunately the texture really isn’t enjoyable. Unless you like soggy cereal bars.

Taste: 8--chocolate on the surface, Honey Smacks...but a little bland once you get past all that.
Texture: 5--soggy, stale, hard to chew.
Health: 7--a good amount of fiber, but for what it is (basically, a diet bar), it’s a little high in sugar.
Eat Again? No.

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