Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Luna Bar Blueberry Bliss

It’s the end of the semester, and that means using up excess meal points!! Except this time I don’t have any; instead, I get to spend my sister’s money. So we hit one of the little stores by her dorm (the same one I went to all the time last year) and came away with plenty of candy, Oreos, and--you guessed--nutrition bars.

I was tempted to just swipe everything I hadn’t tried yet off the shelf, but then I thought guiltily of everything that was already at home waiting to be eaten, and I limited myself to three. The Blueberry Bliss Luna bar was one of them, mostly because the only other blueberry bar I’ve reviewed for this blog is Luna

This one consists of a crispy rice base with blueberries mixed in, topped by a blueberry jelly-like substance and pieces of oats. It also smells overwhelmingly like, well, blueberries. I guess that’s a good start.

This bar certainly lives up to its name, because it’s really fruity! It’s definitely blueberry, but not in a fresh-from-the-orchard blueberry way; it’s more like blueberry jelly or artificial flavoring. It’s not as tart as the real fruit--so, sugary blueberries. That jelly layer is thin, but it’s very potent! I don’t mind the sweetness; in fact I’d be surprised if it was tart, since sweet seems to be the nature of nutrition bars.

This bar has a very fresh, light, crispy texture. It’s a lot like a Rice Krispies Treat, maybe even a little less dense and very easy to eat. I found that large chunks just kept feeding themselves into my mouth, and this thing was gone in no time. :) The oats don’t really make an appearance; I think they’re more for decoration than anything else.

As I finished up this bar, it struck me again just how sweet it was. It reminded me a little of when I used to spread my blueberry preserves on a toasted bagel back in middle school, only it’s more sugary than that. I’d almost recommend this if you’re having a sweet tooth craving! Blueberry pie lovers, give this bar a shot!

Taste: 9--think of blueberry jelly with added sugar--this bar is really fruity!
Texture: 9--fresh and crispy, and very easy to chew.
Health: 9--it’s mostly organic and contains plenty of calcium, vitamins and minerals for your health. GoodGuide gives it an 8.9 with just one warning about the sugar content. No wonder it’s so sweet!
Eat Again? Yes.

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