Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Sweet & Salty

One of my biggest pet peeves is when companies don’t describe their products well and I end up having to guess whether or not I’ll like it. For example, Talenti’s failure to specify the components in its German Chocolate Cake gelato resulted in me possibly (OK, after reading Dubba’s review at On Second Scoop, probably) mistaking a caramel swirl for chocolate and lamenting the fact that German chocolate cake is supposed to have caramel.

Anyway, since MET-Rx decided to simply call their newest bar “Sweet & Salty,” I was left guessing by the picture on the wrapper that it included peanuts and peanut butter. I don’t know what the “sweet” component is, and there’s not description on the website either...I suppose at  least there’s that picture to go by.

As always with the Colossal bars--huge.

It’s very pretty-looking, with all that peanut butter-colored drizzle and a half-coating on the bottom. Like all the other bars in the colossal line, it’s super tall and made of a crispy base. It also has a really strange smell: at first it’s caramel-ish, then more like sweet peanuts. With all that coating, I was hoping for a stronger peanut butter smell, but that element seems to be missing.

Well, the taste is just as strange. It’s definitely peanutty, with maybe a hint of peanut butter too. But it’s mostly nuts. That’s the “salty” part, I guess. As for “sweet”...that’s the weird part. It’s this cloying sweetness that I just can’t place. It’s a familiar taste and the closest thing I can come up with is, weirdly enough, buttered popcorn. Like the kind you get at the movie theater. Only mixed with peanuts. Yeah, I told you, it’s weird. But I kind of liked it.

The bar isn’t exactly crispy in that airy, Rice Krispy Treat way; it’s more chewy. But the crisps do have a substantial crunch, and it’s very satisfying. Don’t doubt that you’ll be full if you eat the whole thing.

As for the coating, it’s hard to tell what it tastes like, but the ingredients say “peanut flavored coating” so we’ll go with that. By and large, this bar is mostly salty, and no wonder--salt is fairly high on the ingredients list as well (between “peanuts” and “dry roasted peanuts”...). At times its flavor combination can be a bit overwhelming, but overall I liked it. It’s just not as good as many of the other Colossal flavors.

Taste: 7.5--very salty, while still cloyingly sweet at times. Reminds me of butterered popcorn.
Texture: 9--satisfyingly chewy and a bit crispy; substantial but not exhausting.
Health: 6--it has a quarter of the RDV for saturated fat, as well as a lot of sodium and sugar--and it’s a bit hefty at 430 calories. GoodGuide gives it a 3.8.
Eat Again? I doubt it.

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