Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Chocolate Toasted Almond

I’m slowly eating my way through all the MET-Rx flavors, which would make it the third line that I’ve completely covered (the other two being Quest and Life Choice).

That’s a big deal--literally. Look at the size of these things:

That’s the Big 100 Colossal Chocolate Toasted Almond bar, and when they say “Colossal,” they really mean it! This bar is 100 grams and packs 31 grams of protein...not something to be eaten lightly.

They’ve been very generous with the drizzle here. There are plenty of big almonds visible, so all the components seem to be there. The base and half of the sides are also covered in a chocolate coating.

This bar smells like chocolate, but also...vaguely fruity? What? What part of “Chocolate Toasted Almond” suggests fruit?

Look closely at the last picture and you can see what appear to be unidentified little black things in the crispy base. Looking at the ingredients list, they seem to be raisins. I don’t smell raisins exactly, but that’s the only fruit on the list.

It tastes fruity too. I guess you could call it raisins, but i t’s really hard to tell when they’re mixed into that huge, towering bar with its rice crisps and almonds and chocolate. No one flavor really stands out, though if I had to pick one word I’d call it “fruity.” (I know, I’m getting repetitive.) Although, if you get a couple almonds they really shine through since they’re whole and big.

While it might look intimidating, I found this bar, while not necessarily easy to breeze through, pleasant enough in texture. It’s a dense crisp, more substantial than a Rice Krispies Treat, and the added resistance makes it more satisfying. You’re going to want to set aside some time to eat this, but you could plausibly do that while walking, driving, etc.--there is minimal flaking with the chocolate coating and drizzle. The raisins give it a little bit of soft chewiness as well, which is a nice change, while the almonds contribute a harder crunch.

So, although this bar sort of lied about its contents, I liked it. The raisins and chocolate go really well together, something I’ve never tried before (although I did once enjoy a bag of chocolate-covered Craisins that my sister got while she was in the hospital). The crisps are sweet and substantial and really fill you up. I think this is definitely worthy of the “Colossal” label.

Taste: 9--not what I expected, but still a great combination of flavors.
Texture: 9--substantial but not too difficult to chew; a very satisfying crisp.
Health: 7--31 grams is a lot of protein, but at 410 calories and almost a quarter of the RDV for saturated fat, it’s not going to fit into everyone’s diet.
Eat Again? Once in a while.

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