Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Metragenix 2:1 Bar Oatmeal

I’ve  been on a Metragenix kick lately. I went back and revisited the Cookies & Cream and White Crispy Crunch bars, and I’ve found that I really do enjoy the White Crispy Crunch ones. They take me a while to eat because I pick off all the “soy crisps” and eat those first to get it over with, and then the actual bar is very sweet and does, as the website suggests, remind me a bit of cake flavor. In fact, I ordered a whole box of them because I really like their nutrition stats.

Anyway, another favorite (and the first one I tried) was the Granola Oatmeal bar. So it only seemed right that I try the 2:1 Oatmeal bar, which is slightly different.

It’s still big, at least that hasn’t changed.

Major difference (and for me, the deciding factor): the coating is chocolate, not yogurt. I love yogurt coating.

It smells primarily like chocolate, but once broken there is a bit of an oaty scent as well. The first bite tastes slightly oatmealy, with a bit of a sour turn at the end. But as I continue eating, I’m getting this spice vibe. The oatmeal taste really isn’t that prominent, but I almost feel like I’m eating chocolate spiced with nutmeg. I definitely expected more oatmeal.

Occasionally it does come through, and it reminds me of the Quaker oatmeal squares I used to eat all the time. But the chocolate is still the main component here--not that that’s bad!

The oatmeal does come through a bit more in the texture. Overall, it’s chewy, but you can also feel the oats, and sometimes they hide around in your teeth after you finish chewing. It’s not exhausting, but not for rushing through either. I liked it because it kept me busy without giving me a total jaw workout. It’s also a little dry, but in an oatmeal way, so it works.

While this bar is respectable and has great nutritional information, it’s definitely not my favorite. It certainly ranks below its Granola-infused sibling, if only because of the chocolate coating. It won’t be a repeat buy, but this is still a well-done bar.

Taste: 7--the oatmeal isn’t overly strong, but the chocolate is a nice smooth taste.
Texture: 9--slightly oaty at times, but mostly chewy.
Health: 9--I love the protein-to calorie ratio of this bar. It’s one of the healthier 30-gram bars out there.
Eat Again? Probably not.

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