Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Supreme Protein Rocky Road Brownie

Just one more Supreme Protein flavor and I’ll have tried them all! And then...I don’t know. I might go back and buy some of them again, but the truth is that, outside of the new products I try for the sake of blogging, I’m rather set in my food-ish ways. Still, overall they’re good-tasting bars.

Today’s penultimate flavor is the Rocky Road Brownie bar.

Well, that’s certainly “rocky”! There are almonds sticking off like warts, so much that in some places the coating doesn’t even cover them. Actually, at first I thought they were peanuts because of the size and shape, until I remembered that Rocky Road doesn’t have peanuts.

This bar was really hard to break--even with the gooey white marshmallow layer, there was no give. It snapped audibly, and the coating started to flake. I should point out that mine was chilled because I wasn’t thinking ahead enough to take it out of the basement until right before I ate it.

Maybe because of the coldness, my first bite was painful. The hard base required significant force to bite through, and all the while the rather large almond chunks were cutting into the top of my mouth. Maybe not the best design decision, or maybe these are meant for people with bigger mouths.

The base is a bit tough and chewy, but once you start on it the texture isn’t bad. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly brownie-like, but it’s not exhausting to chew either. The almonds add some crunch to break it up.

I can’t really feel the texture of the marshmallow, but it’s definitely there in taste, giving this bar its overall generic sweet taste. That and the chocolate are the main flavors; surprisingly, the almonds don’t add much taste-wise. Neither does the protein “brownie” base, which is probably a good thing because otherwise we’d have that yucky protein taste.

Unfortunately, this bar made a rather big mess, with large chunks of coating and almonds falling off with every bite. I don’t think you should need a napkin to eat a protein bar...but I did. I wouldn’t be fooled into thinking this was candy, but it’s a good, sweet flavor nonetheless--sort of like the Cookies & Cream one. Definitely not my favorite, but still respectable.

Taste: 8--generically sweet on account of the marshmallow layer, but the almonds don’t add much.
Texture: 6--hard to bite, but not a workout to chew; the coating and almonds get messy.
Health: 8--15 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar. Also, the main protein source is whey.
Eat Again? Probably not.

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