Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blue Bell Creamery Krazy Kookie Dough: This is Why I Moved to North Carolina! (An Epic Ice Cream Review)

My trip to North Carolina to set up my apartment with my parents was a huge success--not only did we get all the furniture moved in and properly assembled, but I also got my North Carolina driver’s license, insurance, a bank account, cable and wi-fi...and I got to shop at about five different Walmarts! They are literally everywhere down there, I think there are four or five with in six-mile radius of my apartment!

Anyway, Walmarts in the Triangle area carry products we don’t have in Pennsylvania, so you know I had to try at least one. And here it is, something I’ve been fantasizing about for months now, ever since I learned of its existence: Blue Bell Creamery’s Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream!

Intrigued? I couldn’t keep myself from jumping up and down in the freezer aisle. It’s “Artificially flavored cake batter ice cream with sugar cookie dough pieces.” First of all, I LOVE cake batter, and my own attempts to recreate it with my ice cream maker have been less than premium. Second, I love cookie dough of all kinds, but sugar cookie dough in ice cream is so unique, and I usually eat chocolate chip cookie dough, so Blue Bell already has major points going for it.

Plus, the actual ice cream looks just like the decorations on the pint! It really is “Krazy”--that bright shade of yellow, plus all the pastel-colored cookie dough chunks make it look like a circus in a pint.

I scooped eagerly, though I did notice that the scoops came out in chunks in the shape of the container, rather than being creamy. But now it’s time for a little digression...OK, so we picked this up at Walmart, right? Then we stopped at Panera to get something to take back to the apartment, in the heat. Then we put our groceries away, assembled the bed, dresser, recliner, etc. And then, probably at least two hours later, I went to raid the freezer...which was set low! All the ice cream I tried (I didn’t try this one that night) were softer than butter, though not technically melted.... So the true texture of Blue Bell’s ice cream remains a mystery to me, but I must report what I observed. And that was an ice cream that was slightly less creamy and considerably lighter than Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs. (A serving is 81g, versus 100-some average for the other two brands.) It also melts a lot faster.

Anyway, I don’t care about the texture that much because this is some awesome stuff. I could get addicted easily, waaay too easily. It’s a super-sweet cake battery flavor, an exact replica of yellow cake batter you’d lick out of the pan. In that respect, it’s similar to B&J’s Cake Batter, though without the chocolate frosting swirl to override the delicious rawness. For that, I love it, because NOTHING should interfere with my cake batter!

Unless that something is also raw--in this case, cookie dough. I love all cookie dough, but I’ve only ever had the traditional chocolate chip cookie dough (in ice cream anyway). These colorful hunks of sugar cookie dough are completely different. They’re buttery and sugary, just like those ready-to-bake Pillsbury cookies before they’re baked. But the key difference is in the texture: whereas I’m used to gritty cookie dough pieces, these are smooth, soft, and chewy. None of that grit that I associate with the brown sugar of chocolate chip cookie dough, and also no chocolate chips in the dough (but that’s obvious!). That grittiness is part of what I love about cookie dough, but I found that I didn’t really miss it here; it continues the smooth, well-put-together feel of this ice cream.

Plus, they’re EVERYWHERE! There are smaller flakes that don’t really add much, but the big balls are prevalent enough that you have to scoop around them if you just want the cake batter base. But that’s a good problem to have! Since I love things that are supposed to be cooked but aren’t, this ice cream was pretty much guaranteed to be a success. Maybe it’s not as dense and creamy as Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs, but it’s pretty epic. Blue Bell definitely gets the award for one of the most inventive, sugary, awesome flavors out there. I can assure you this will take up quite a bit of my now-precious freezer space.

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