Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting Set in NC

I’m back in State College! Well, for three days, at least. Then I am flying to Yellowstone with my parents for a week! None of us have ever been there, but I’ve heard it’s awesome, so I’m pretty excited. Plus, it will be a challenge for me not having access to a stationary bike or other form of gym equipment, but rather having an active vacation and getting my “exercise” that way. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I don’t doubt it will be good for me.

But. Back to North Carolina...I absolutely love it there already! We spent pretty much all day, every day running around buying things, getting official documents (insurance, my driver’s license, etc.), and assembling and moving furniture, so we didn’t get much time to just relax--we didn’t even get to try the pool! But still, by the time we got home last night, I was already missing it there. I can’t almost can’t wait to go back in two(ish) weeks. Except that my horsey is still here. :(

We did snoop around a few stables--or we tried, but two of the three we found online wouldn’t let people onto the property without appointments. The third looked nice and the horses were in really good condition, but the pastures were dry and the driveway was literally several miles long, rutted, and unpaved. So we decided it would be best to ask around once I start work, and then plan for Sydney’s arrival. I’m going to miss him so much...but hopefully it’s only for a short time.

Anyway, the apartment! It’s pretty awesome. Unloading the Penske was the hardest part, but it was totally worth it. When we got done the first day, we had the bedroom finished.

The living room looked okay, except for the TV on what was meant to be the coffee table.

And the sunroom was just plain awesome, because it contained my epic chair.

But we did more shopping on Monday (Walmart and Office Depot!), ended up with a desk, end table, and TV table, and so the living room finally looked like it was supposed to.

Also, bathroom:

And kitchen:

...with laundry off to the left!

Oh, wait--I mentioned Walmart, right? Well, Walmart is also great for groceries, so the first night we went shopping, I had to browse all the things they have in North Carolina Walmarts that we’re lacking in State College. Just a preview of what I found:

Pretty wild, right? I promise a review is coming soon (super soon, I just need to add the pictures), because this was some epic ice cream. We didn’t even get near any of the self-serve froyo bars, but I do plan on doing the tour sometime once I’m down there for good. And I need to explore all the stores that we don’t’s so weird not seeing any Giants or Wegmans, but having Harris Teeters, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Krogers, etc. Oh yeah, and a crapload of Walmarts just within five or so miles. Basically any direction you happen to be going, there’s a Walmart on the way. And up here, where a “Supercenter” is the one with groceries the Triangle, even the non-supercenters have groceries! In fact, the only difference I noticed between the Supercenter we hit the first night and the others was less selection in every other department except for food!

Then there’s the culture to get used to. We didn’t meet a single person who was less than friendly or eager to please. Even at the PNC, we all loved the guy who set up my account, and everyone at the Allstate office was pretty cool. When things take a while, they apologize for making you wait. And while I’d normally get impatient, for some reason down there I didn’t mind waiting for these people at all. They’re just...awesome. It’s totally different from State College, where everyone’s always thinking about the next thing, or rushing around. Durham was so relaxed. It didn’t even feel like the same country; more like another planet. But we all loved it. Between the people and the weather--today has been a bit of a shock, we were all complaining about the awful humidity and heat in PA, after coming from the south!--I love it. Now I hope I love my job as much!!
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