Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moving Day

Tomorrow is the big day! Our rented Penske is sitting out in the driveway, all the furniture is wedged in with pots and pans and sentimental items...and I could probably turn this into a deep post about leaving my old life behind and starting anew, but I have no more energy (mental or physical). Missy was a big help loading everything, of course!

That was about 30 seconds before the box spring, mattress, headboard, and footboard behind us fell right on top of us...well, me. Missy was agile enough to get out of the way. As for me, only minor injuries sustained. :)

Anyway, we leave early tomorrow morning and we’ll hopefully get there around 3 o’clock, in time to get my key from the office before they close. Then Sunday and Monday are moving-in and buying-stuff days, plus the wi-fi guy is coming Monday to set up my internet. And Tuesday is the really crazy day, getting my North Carolina driver’s license, opening a bank account, etc. once everything is open after the holiday weekend.

I’ll come back to State College Tuesday night with my family, because we’re all flying out of here for a vacation to Yellowstone next Saturday. (So excited!) So I’m not really moving “for good.” But it’s so much more real now. There’s not much time left...only two or so weeks. I’m not sure what to feel. Excited. Scared. Nervous. I know I’ll miss everything here, but there’s a lot of opportunity and so many adventures up ahead. This is just the beginning.
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