Wednesday, May 15, 2013

National Chocolate Chip Day, Cookie Dough, Pop-Tarts...

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! Yeah, I didn’t know either, until this evening after I got home from the store, where I incidentally bought five bags of chocolate chips for my mom.... The things you learn from Facebook!

Well anyway, in honor of National Chocolate Chip Day, I suppose we ought to have a post containing chocolate chips...or how about chocolate chip cookie dough?

I posted before about my love of Cookies & Cream Bites and Cinnamon Bun Bites, which I’m constantly buying from Giant. But I’ve found myself shopping at Walmart more frequently lately, and my reward was finding the original flavor of these addictive, sugary balls.

They’re coated in milk chocolate, gritty like cookie dough, and just as addicting as their siblings. It’s actually hard to distinguish whether the inside really tastes like cookie dough, because all I can taste is the chocolate coating, but the texture is perfect enough to make you feel like you’re eating actual dough. And without concern for salmonella: the box clearly states that these are egg-free.

They’re good. Now I have to alternate between Giant and Walmart so I can keep them all in stock. I think these tie with the Cookies & Cream Bites as my I just need to find all the other flavors!

Keeping with the theme of cookie dough (bet you were hoping I was done, right?), my sister brought home Cookie Dough Pop-Tarts when she moved back for the summer. After the Confetti Cake Pop-Tarts, I wasn’t too eager to eat them, but I took a chance...and these reminded me why I used to eat them all the time during my freshman year of college.

Unlike the Confetti Cake but like the Cookie Dough Bites, these are addicting too. Well, I’m always annoyed at the pastry edges, because they don’t have frosting OR filling. Let’s face it, the pastry part of Pop-Tarts is, by itself, yucky. (That
’s a technical term, by the way.)
In this case, the edges actually do have a bit of sweet, cookie-ish flavor, so that’s nice.

I’m not sure what makes these so good. There’s something about the filling/frosting combination that really does remind me of cookie dough. It’s not all that chocolatey, but just enough to satisfy a sudden urge for chocolate chip cookies. Of every Pop-Tart I’ve ever tried, I think this is my all-time favorite flavor.
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