Thursday, June 27, 2013

2nd Street Creamery Copper Kettle Caramel (An Ice Cream Review)

The very first night I officially moved to North Carolina--not the trip I took with my parents to set up my apartment, but the actual, for-real, drive-myself-eight-hours move--I rewarded myself with some 2nd Street Creamery ice cream. It was my very first ever experience with them, and Tons of Brownies certainly lived up to its name. Of course, it had its drawbacks, although that didn’t stop me from grabbing a pint of Copper Kettle Caramel a week or so later.

Promising “caramel ice cream with caramel ribbon and sea salt caramel fudge truffles,” it grabbed my attention like a magnetic. If I was magnetic. Which I’m not, but you get the point. This flavor sounds just like Haagen-Dazs’ Salted Caramel Truffle, which I loved, and which in turn reminded me of Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel, which is the world’s best caramel ice cream/gelato ever.

We have a beige base, a hint of swirl, and a truffle peeping through the top. Visual test passed, all components present. We are a go!

Whoa, look at that! I only took one scoop and already I’m getting overrun by truffles. No wonder this one packs in alongside Ben & Jerry’s most calorific offerings, at 310 calories per serving. Keeping that in mind, I was actually able to limit myself to only half a pint. It helped that the truffles made it harder to scoop, even though the actual ice cream was quite soft. :)

Good thing, too, because this is intense. This is a serious freaking LOT of caramel. The base immediately kicks you with its sweet, sugary richness. And then the swirl, well, it just adds even more sweetness and caramel perfection on top of the ice cream. It’s funny, at first it comes across as sort of salty, but then it’s just sweet, sweet, sweet assaulting your taste buds.

And then there’s the truffles. These are made of a quality milk chocolate shell with salty caramel inside. When contrasted with the ice cream and swirl, it’s easy to tell they’re sea salt caramel, because they’re not nearly as sweet--until the chocolate kicks in. Just eating the truffles in themselves is an awesome experience: first, a blast of caramel squirts out, and then as it fades the chocolate kicks in. Surprisingly, the truffles’ major contribution is a super fudgy flavor. I believe they’re a necessary addition to the ice cream, because otherwise this flavor would be a bit too much to take. Maybe their extra fudge factor comes from the fact that amidst all that caramel, any other flavor would be obvious.

Now, we’re already slipping ahead of Talenti here...but, as if I needed more reasons, I just love the texture. It’s dense. It’s creamy. It’s milky and coats your mouth in caramel even after you swallow. It’s just an interesting combination of elements and they all contribute different textural aspects. The swirl is almost liquid, like the fudge in Tons of Brownies. Then there are the truffles, which are crunchy to an extent (when cold), gooey from the caramel, and also have a smooth, chocolate-melt element.

So, do I need to tell you to grab this next time you see it? Hell, if a little old lady is reaching for the last pint, knock her walker out from under her and run for the cash register. Well, maybe not, unless you plan on eating this on the way to the police station so it doesn’t melt. But seriously. Best. Caramel. Ever. Sorry Talenti, you’ve been replaced.

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