Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blue Bunny Fat Free Brownie Sundae (An Ice Cream Review)

I had a crisis in Walmart on Mother’s Day.

My family stopped after an extended-family dinner. We had finished all our other shopping and were ending with a customary trip down the ice cream aisle. Looking at all the choices...I couldn’t decide! A couple of the Breyers Blasts! were tempting, and then I spotted this gem:

Well, I guess I just spoiled the suspense (whatever was left after reading the title of this post). But I enlisted the help of my mom and sister to decide, and neither of them thought twice before pointing to the Blue Bunny Fat Free Brownie Sundae.

Heh, my sister got to this one before I did (but she’s allowed, she’d just gotten her wisdom teeth out). But she unveiled an attractive chocolate swirl and several brownies, much more than I was expecting from something that boasts just 80 calories per 1/2-cup serving (the website says 90). I mean, it does look great on the front of the container, but how often do products really look like their advertisements? But it really does. Compare that picture to this chocolate swirl, a little deeper into the container:

Now, you have to remember that this is fat free, and all the mix-ins in the world aren’t going to make you forget that. The base vanilla is extra-sweet, with a much more powerful flavor than any premium brand I’ve tried, but you can tell it comes in part from trying to make a fat free product pass for ice cream. The same is true of the swirl. While it’s certainly chocolatey, fudgey, and gooey once it warms, you can still tell it’s fake. It’s like the difference between regular and light chocolate syrup. You can tell, but sometimes you just don’t mind. It’s a different taste, but it’s not bad; it just takes some adjusting to.

And the brownies...I don’t know how they make these legit without any fat. They’re at least as good as the brownies in Blue Bunny’s Caramel Fudge Brownie Sundae. In fact, I’m tempted to say they’re better. They aren’t a deep chocolate flavor, but they’re very chewy and chocolatey enough to keep me satisfied. They’re not crunchy like some of the ones in the Caramel Sundae flavor.

I will say that after a few days this ice cream went from creamy and very easy to scoop--just like its premium siblings--to a slightly hardened texture that takes some leverage to remove from the container. But it’s not any harder to dig out than Ben & Jerry’s (though for different reasons), and after it sits out for a bit it’s nice and creamy and soft again.

Maybe I’m weird or something, but I don’t mind the obvious fat-free-ness of this ice cream. I actually kind of enjoy it. And I just love the swirl and brownies. I’m impressed, because I keep getting cravings for it despite the plethora of Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs also in the freezer. We definitely made the right choice in Walmart that day. Though it’s certainly not in the same class as Blue Bunny’s other flavors, it’s great in its own way. You just have to dive in knowing that it’s fat free and setting your expectations accordingly. But I say, buy it!
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