Sunday, June 23, 2013

Food Roundup...Finally!

OK, it’s past time for this catch-up post. For the past several months I’ve just been accumulating food finds that are definitely worth mentioning, but that I just don’t feel like putting all in their own separate posts. I don’t want to totally wear out your patience. But these are definitely worth mentioning, mostly in a good way...although we do have one food fail here. Let’s start with that one, shall we?

Surprisingly enough, it came from Quest. I got a free bag of their new Spinach Fettucine Pastabilities to try, and I was really excited...until I opened the bag and it smelled like fish! I know they say it’s just the solution they use to keep the noodles fresh, and I did wash them thoroughly. I even drowned them in salt and pepper, but they still tasted fishy to me. Being a vegetarian, that totally grossed me out, and the slimy texture that I wouldn’t have minded in real pasta became eely and I ended up throwing all but two bites away. My stomach was literally churning.

Next up, that’s heaven in a jar. Well, two jars really. Instead of choosing my boring old peanut butter at Walmart, one day I decided to buy Peanut Butter & Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams. And then when I finished that I went back for some White Chocolate Wonderful. They were both delicious, but the white chocolate totally trumps the dark. It’s sweeter and creamier, which tends to be the way of things with pure chocolate, as well. Hmm, funny how the world works. :)

Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend these!

And these:

I have been looking for Snickerdoodle Muddy Buddies forever. Well, not forever, since they’re new, but ever since they came out. They seem to be only available in gas stations and Unimarts; these were from some nameless place on the way home from North Carolina, but I also saw them the next time we stopped, at a Sheetz. I still like the Cookies & Cream and Brownie Supreme Muddy Buddies better, but these were still addictive. I would totally buy them again.

And last but not least, on to brownie batter!

To start, I mixed up some Light & Fit vanilla yogurt (I think it was about a cup), two packets of Truvia, and two tablespoons of brownie mix. Uhh, yum! I know I did Funfetti mix in plain Greek yogurt, but this is about ten times better (and I’ve since done Funfetti in the Light & Fit, with the same conclusion). The base yogurt is sweeter, so the whole thing is sweeter...just awesome.

And then I finally got around to using up most of what remained of my Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip the same way. I can’t say it was as good as the yogurt, but it was at least edible this way. We’ll call it a success.

So on the whole, a good roundup here. I figured I’d start you off with a downer and brighten the picture as we went along. Lesson learned? Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you should take it! Oh, and peanut butter is just that much better with chocolate. :)
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