Friday, June 14, 2013

Hello From Durham!

Well, I’ve arrived safely in Durham! I watched those killer thunderstorms following me in my rearview mirror, and I pulled up outside my apartment right as they unleashed themselves on the Triangle. Which meant I got pretty wet unloading my completely loaded car. (I had more stuff than I thought...a significant amount of it food that no one else in my family would eat.)

The drive actually wasn’t as bad as I’d been expecting. I only got lost once in Maryland, because my GPS started taking me in circles. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make the whole drive alone, but I did! It took about 7.5 hours and I only stopped once, for gas. So now I’m proud of myself (though not of the speeding ticket I got in Virginia...).

Once my clothes and food were put away, the first order of business was grocery shopping. So I now have a very well stocked freezer...

And that was before I went shopping today and, yes, bought more. So you know what to expect in the coming days. There are so many different things down here that I can’t help exploring. I’ve been to Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, and Food Lion--all stores I’ve never really had the chance to comb the aisles of because we only pass them while on vacation. I’m saving boring stores like Walmart for when I don’t have so much free time. :)

Today has been just as crazily busy as yesterday, even without the seven-plus hours in a car. First, I got locked out of the fitness center with all my stuff (including iPad and apartment key inside. It’s not as dumb as it sounds, because I followed someone in the first time. He left, and some lady showed up and knocked on the window, so I went to let her in...but I couldn’t see her from the door, so I let it shut behind me. She wanted in but didn’t know the new passcode. Well, I didn’t even know there was a new passcode, because I’ve been away for two weeks! She knew the first two numbers but that was it, so I started trying every combination and she went back home.

She showed up ten or so minutes later saying she had it, but that code didn’t I kept trying. None of my permutations worked. I sat around for about an hour hoping someone would want to work out...apparently not. So I scaled the fence into the pool area and tried the door from in there with the code the woman thought was correct...and it worked, thank god! I have never been so happy to get into a fitness center in my life, because I really thought I wasn’t going to be able to make my meeting with my boss at 9.

Which was a pretty darn cool meeting, by the way. It was like Christmas. I got to meet the other new girl who’s going through orientation with me next week, and I saw a friend from Penn State that I worked on an iOS app with this past spring. And I got this huge pile of goodies:

A new Macbook to go with this one, an iPad Mini, a Nexus 7 tablet, another Android phone, and an iPhone on the way (but not here yet). Along with my Droid phone and my iPad, I’m swimming in mobile devices all of a sudden! I know these new ones are just for work, but I’m still having fun geeking out with them already!

Anyway, I spent a while running errands. My car is now mine (not my parents’), and it has North Carolina plates. My mail is sorted and (mostly) put away. I found out that the UPS guy won’t just leave my packages at my door, or at the front office, so I had to go to their office and pick it up this evening.

Now I’m doing a Google+ hangout with my family, which is pretty cool. What would I do without technology? I’d have a whole lot less to play with tomorrow, that’s for sure. This is going to be an interesting upcoming week!

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