Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kroger Deluxe Jammed Cupcake Party (An Ice Cream Review)

After my previous success with Kroger’s store-brand ice cream, I decided to go back for more. Only this time I had done my homework and I knew exactly which flavor I wanted. I’ve always had a love affair going with cake batter and frosting, so Cupcake Party sounded perfect.

They didn’t have it in a pint, but given that the last pint was good and this flavor sounds even better, that’s OK. Again, I don’t exactly know what it’s supposed to taste like, since they fail to give descriptions on their Jammed flavors. But based on the cover art, I think it’s safe to assume (cup)cake-based ice cream, chocolate frosting swirl, and rainbow sprinkles.

Whoops...I forgot to mention, it was a really hot day and I got a little lost on the way home and my drive was a few minutes longer than intended. But still, I had this in a Dairy Queen freezer bag and I didn’t spend that long driving in circles....

That’s frozen dairy dessert for you, very quick to melt. That carries over to scooping, too. This stuff is just like the first pint I tried, just like Breyers’ frozen dairy dessert in its fluffy texture and easy scoopability. Once again, I’d even call it foamy around the edges. But like I’ve said before, I actually kind of like the texture of these non-ice creams. I just tend to scoop way too much of them because of all that air. Another oops.

Anyway, that was an even bigger problem with this stuff because once I had a little taste of the base, I kept wanting more and more and more. Yeah, it’s that good. Because it’s more cake batter than cake...and you know the batter is about a bajillion times better. There is nothing in the world...except brownie batter...that can outshine cake batter.

OK, maybe that’s not totally true, because the chocolate icing gives the base a run for its money. It’s liberally swirled (I would almost say Jammed) into the entire container, and it’s not just thin ribbons. There are places where it’s so thick it’s almost a brownie-like chunk. And I’d hazard a guess that it’s buttercream. And I LOVE buttercream. As in forget the cake and give me the buttercream frosting. I could eat a whole tub of it off the spoon.

The only thing really missing is the sprinkles. They’re a lot less frequent than the picture on the carton would lead you to believe, and very well hidden. But when you find one, it’s really obvious because they are super crunchy! Apart from that and a little bit of sweetness that gets lost in the already sweet base and/or buttercream, they really don’t add much. So it’s not a great loss. The rest of this ice cream is so good I don’t even care.

My only issue is that it melts a lot faster than I want to eat it. I want to savor this delicious concoction, but nooo...maybe I should put freezer packs under my bowl while I eat. Which would make my lap pretty cold as I sit in front of the TV.... But in all seriousness, this is the best non-Ben & Jerry’s cake ice cream out there. Even though it’s not ice cream. I pity my former self for not having a Kroger nearby.
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