Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day in the Tetons

Short post today, for a short day spent in the Tetons. After checking out of our hotel, we went back to Jenny Lake, and took the ferry across to where all the popular climbing routes start. My dad and I went all the way up to Inspiration Point, which was only a mile walk--but a 500-foot rise in elevation. It was a little nerve-wracking at times, especially coming down, as the upper part of the path was mostly large rocks that stuck out at odd angles.

The bottom was more staircase-like. About halfway up, we stopped to take pictures of the waterfall you can see from the lake. Only from the lake, it looks like a thin ribbon, not this roaring river. Now I know why its source is called Cascade Canyon!

And Inspiration Point? Sooo worth the rough terrain and climb. It was just beautiful.

We even saw the same scenic tour we went on yesterday, only this time it looked so small.

So now we’re in Salt Lake City. I know we’ve been spoiled this past week because my first thought when we checked out the hotel’s amenities was, “No hot tub?” :) I’ll miss all the hiking and other adventures we’ve had, but I’m also really ready to be back home. (For four or five days, anyway, then “home” takes on a whole different meaning!) I can’t wait to see the horses again!

One last view of the mountains as we headed back across Jenny Lake on the ferry:

Amazing. It’s just humbling being among all this nature, seeing its power and destruction and amazing capability for regeneration. I feel so lucky.
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