Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pure Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Sorbet

I’ve never had sorbet before. I wasn’t even totally sure what it was when I bought a pint of Pure Gourmet’s Chocolate Caramel sorbet at Giant a while ago. I thought maybe it would be like Italian ice, only with a caramel swirl, which is an added bonus. My dad later described it to me as “creamy Italian ice,” so I decided to go for it.

Well, when I opened it up, it was definitely not ice cream--look at those ice crystals!

I wasn’t sure if scooping was the way to go, but I couldn’t think of a better option. Unlike ice cream, this sorbet broke up into chunks when scooped, mostly retaining the shape of the container. The major ice crystals disappeared farther down, but the texture was still largely icy.

I was impressed with the taste, though. It’s a very deep chocolate, and satisfying in its own way even if it’s not as rich as ice cream. It reminded me of those sugar-free fudgecicles (maybe I’m weird, but I really like them), with the added benefit of the caramel swirl.

Which is delicious! It’s sweet and salty and gooey, and as someone who loves caramel, this really made the pint for me. I probably wouldn’t have given it a good review at all had this swirl been absent. It’s not overly thick, and at times the deep chocolate sorbet covers it up (plus it’s hard to see). But when you get a decent spoonful, it’s very enjoyable.

As for texture...well, I’ve discovered that I’m not a huge fan of sorbet, now that I know what it is. I prefer creamy; this is crunchy. It’s icy. I tried letting it melt, I ate it verrry slowly, and maybe I just wasn’t patient enough. Even then slightly melted, it’s more watery than creamy. The only parts that could pass as creamy are the pockets of caramel, but that’s not really the sorbet. :)

This is no fault of the company; it’s simply what sorbet is. So if you like sorbet, this is awesome. If you like chocolate and caramel, give it a shot. I just need some time to mentally digest this one. It may come back to my freezer in the future, it may not. It’s more than fine taste-wise; if there’s a sorbet that will convert me, this is it!
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