Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Convenient Nutrition Protein Wheyfers Creamy Vanilla

Most protein bars are similar: dense, gummy or chewy, and usually coated (although not always). What you don’t see a whole lot is protein that  resembles traditional dessert items. In fact, up until now I think the only thing I’ve seen that come close are Quest’s peanut butter cups and chocolate crunch bars.

But that changed when I got a free sample of Convenient Nutrition’s Protein Wheyfers. They’re supposed to be like those wafer sandwich cookies, only containing 15 grams of protein. I got the Creamy Vanilla flavor:

There are two squares in the package, and they’re very light for something that has 200 calories. I’m thinking it won’t fill me up.

It’s coated on the bottom with chocolate, with vanilla cream in between the wafer stacks. The chocolate drizzle is also a nice visual touch.

That chocolate is the saving grace of this wafer. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of the Keebler (or whatever brand it is) wafer sandwiches; they’re a sad excuse for a “cookie.” So when I say this reminds me of cardboard, take it with a grain of salt. Speaking of which, it is a bit salty, which comes as a surprise. There is a bit of vanilla flavor, and the chocolate is the main taste at first, until it dissolves. Then there’s just something off about the whole thing that I don’t think I can attribute to the fact that I don’t like wafers. It’s sort of sour, or maybe just bland. It’s not a protein taste, exactly, it’s just...weird.

The texture is very light and airy. It’s crispy, with lots of crumbs, so you might need a napkin (or at least a table). The chocolate got a little melty on me and smeared my fingers, so it’s probably not ideal for on-the-go snacks. The cream, while hard to see, is definitely present in the texture, making the otherwise crispy wafer smoother. It’s hard to differentiate the cream in taste, though. I’m thinking that may be where they hide the protein.

If you like wafer cookies, you’ll probably like these. I have to give them credit for such a unique product (and, let’s face it, for the name). It’s not bad, it’s just not for me. I’ll stick to the gummy realm of traditional protein bars.

Taste: 7--sort of vanilla, but with an off-sweetness; the chocolate helps until it dissolves.
Texture: 7--it’s too light and airy to be filling, but it does accurately simulate a wafer.
Health: 8--it’s a good amount of protein for a dessert-type snack. The first ingredient is milk protein isolate, though, with gelatin second, so it might not be suitable for vegetarians.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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