Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: Luna Bar Peanut Honey Pretzel

I often lament the unfortunate fate that so many of my nutrition bar purchases meet: the dreaded “forgotten in the basement” status, to which this Luna Peanut Honey Pretzel bar fell victim. I think I bought it last fall, and didn’t eat it before I made my next trip to the store...when, of course, I saw some more bars to try, and bought those, and forgot all about my previous purchases in the excitement of something new.

Well, I haven’t bought anything new for a while now, and with North Carolina looming closer and closer on the horizon, I’m thinking I should start to clean out the stash. Plus, I’m running out of ready-made drafts in my Blogger queue, which means I actually have to start writing them again soon, lest I (heaven forbid) run out! ;)

So anyway, today’s topic: Peanut Honey Pretzel. Balance Bar has a similar product, Yogurt Honey Peanut, which turned out to be one of their best. Based on that experience, and my love of yogurt coatings, I had high hopes for this bar.

It’s at a bit of a disadvantage compared to the Balance Bar, because 1) the yogurt coating doesn’t cover the whole bar; and 2) it has pretzels, rather than just peanuts. I would not choose of my own volition to eat pretzels, whereas peanuts...maybe. But I’m willing to give it an honest shot.

First, I have to commend Luna for its shelf life. Despite my best efforts to ruin this bar, it was still perfectly fine texture-wise. Breaking bites off? Easy. It’s crispy, sort of like a Rice Krispies Treat, but not as airy. The pretzel sticks give a harder crunch, which gives a nice variety, and the smooth creaminess of the coating works well against the other components. There is a juicy feel when you bite down that spreads the flavor throughout your mouth.

The pretzels are definitely a big player in the taste--this bar is salty, although the crisps contribute to a dull parting flavor. I forgot all about the peanuts until I saw one halfway through the bar; I guess they get overwhelmed by the pretzels. As I concentrated, though, I thought I could detect a little bit of a peanut/peanut butter vibe. That may have come from the peanut butter-colored chips, although I couldn’t isolate one to identify their flavor. As for the yogurt’s great and I love it (as always), but I wish there was more of it! It’s too thin to lend much of that sweet flavor to the bar.

I’d liken this bar to Chex mix or generic trail mix, mainly because of the peanut/pretzel combination. It’s a bit like the peanut butter Mojo bar I also reviewed. If you like pretzels, this is a must-try. Peanut fans may be a bit disappointed, but overall it’s a fine product.

Taste: 7--salty, but a bit flat. Not much (if any) peanut taste.
Texture: 9--very easy to eat; crispy and airy like a Rice Krispies Treat, with harder crunches from the pretzels.
Health: 9--as always, it’s mostly organic (70%), with nutrients like calcium, protein, fiber, and antioxidants. It’s designed to give women the nutrition they need, but there’s no reason everyone can’t enjoy this bar.
Eat Again? Probably not.

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