Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: PowerBar Recovery Cookies & Cream Caramel Crisp

After my dad accidentally bought a Peanut Butter Caramel Crisp Recovery PowerBar and I got to eat it, I just had to try the Cookies & Cream Caramel Crisp bars that he usually buys. But this time, instead of swiping his stuff like I usually do, I bought my own.

Since the peanut butter was so good, I was super excited to break this one open. It doesn’t smell like much until you put your nose right up to it, and then you get a nice, sweet caramel scent.

It’s a bit confusing because it looks like cookie dough, not cookies & cream, but it turns out that I like cookie dough better anyway, so I don’t mind. There are crisps mixed in with the caramel, settled on top of the gummy base.

Well, going along with the cookie dough looks, I’d say this tastes more like cookie dough than cookies & cream. It’s very sweet, both from the base and the caramel. The caramel isn’t a huge influence, but it’s still obviously present. The chocolate coating is smooth and creamy and milky, and the chocolate chips in the base (or I guess they’re supposed to be cookies?) provide even more chocolate flavor.

The texture also reminds me a bit of cookie dough; the base is gummy, but not too tough. I like how you can feel the chocolate pieces, as they have a hard crunch. The crisps don’t fit the whole cookie dough illusion, but they’re a nice way to break up the chewy base.

This bar follows in the footsteps of its peanut butter brother, though I think I liked the pb better. While I wouldn’t say it reminds me of Oreos like cookies & cream should, it’s certainly a good approximation of chocolate chip cookies or cookie dough. When it comes down to it, it tastes really good, and that’s one of the main points. Sure, I wish it was a bit cleaner. But we can’t have everything, right?

Taste: 9--more like cookie dough than cookies & cream, but it’s still tasty, sweet and caramelly.
Texture: 9--gummy but not annoyingly so; the crisps and chocolate pieces help break it up.
Health: 8--high in fat and sugar, but then again those are part of what serious athletes look for in the “recovery” phase. Probably helps make it taste so candy-like, too. GoodGuide gives it a 2.4.
Eat Again? Yes.

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