Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stonyfield Creme Caramel Frozen Yogurt

For some reason, even though I’ve seen Stonyfield yogurt in the Giant in State College, but none of their ice cream or frozen yogurt. So I was really excited to see it in Jackson Hole, and I couldn’t resist buying a pint of Creme Caramel frozen yogurt.

Now, being on vacation means that when you buy ice cream, you pretty much have to eat the whole pint (since the thing that’s supposed to pass for a freezer inside the fridge doesn’t actually freeze food). So frozen yogurt seemed like a good option, and caramel is something I love, so I knew I wouldn’t get tired of it.

It’s a nice beige base color, though the swirl isn’t yet visible. But check it out: the higher elevation makes the ice cream pop over the top of the container! I love it. It makes me feel like I’m getting extra ice cream. :)

Anyway, after a few spoonfuls the swirl becomes apparent. And—wait, this is frozen yogurt?? Coulda fooled me! It’s creamy, thick and sweet. None of the tang you’d associate with yogurt, or the icier-than-ice-cream texture. Granted, I ate this right after it had time to thaw on the car ride home, but still…I love it.

The swirls look a bit thin and light-colored, but that’s no indication of their potency. This whole pint tastes like super-sweet caramel. There are some places in the pint where the swirl puddles, and then you’re in for an even more sugary rush. In fact, eating this frozen yogurt is almost exactly like eating Ben& Jerry’s Dulce Delish; and it certainly brings to mind other caramel flavors like Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel and Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche.

Obviously, it’s not as dense or creamy or obviously premium as B&J’s or the others, I like this froyo at least as much as Dulce Delish, and certainly better than H-D’s, Dulce de Leche. In fact, I liked it so much the first time that I went back the next two days in a row and bought two more pints! Now I just need to find a place that sells them in North Carolina so I can stock up. My first experience with Stonyfield was definitely a dazzling success.
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