Friday, June 21, 2013

Talenti Argentine Caramel (A Gelato Review)

I fell in love with Talenti when I tried their Caramel Cookie Crunch gelato this past winter. And then I realized that I only thought I’d fallen in love with them when I tried their Sea Salt Caramel and fell all over again, only this time much harder and for life. To this day I have not found a caramel to match it.

Then Talenti announced its new 2013 flavors. I quickly found German Chocolate Cake, but the true gem eluded me until I moved to North Carolina. And there it was staring me in the face at Harris Teeter my first night living there. Argentine Caramel.

Why did I wait until just last night to open it? I can’t wait for this “luxurious and rich gelato made with golden Argentinian-style dulce de leche.” No chocolate truffles or mix-ins of any sort here, so I’m not expecting it to surpass Sea Salt Caramel. You know the inevitable comparisons will follow.

Mmm, looks...well, not too exciting to be honest, but there’s a reason your mother always told you never to judge a book by its cover. I love mix-ins. I am a mix-in freak. I’m usually reluctant to buy ice cream that doesn’t have any, because I’m always afraid it’ll be boring. But this pint once again reminded me that it is possible to love ice cream even when it’s totally uniform.

Like the Sea Salt Caramel, this gelato is sublime. It blows my mind. It’s almost like what every other ice cream uses as a caramel swirl. You the swirl in Ben & Jerry’s Dulce Delish, right? (Well, maybe you don’t since it’s been discontinued.) Well, that’s pretty much what this gelato is. It’s super thick and coats your mouth in a buttery, milky feeling.

As you would expect, it’s sweeter than the Sea Salt version. There’s not a huge difference in tastes, but enough I could tell even though it’s been a while since I ate Talenti. The Argentine Caramel is more like those chewy candies you buy at the store, with a bit of a burnt (or maybe just dark) caramel endnote. Overall? Amazing, this is now my second favorite flavor from Talenti.

That’s right, Sea Salt Caramel still wins, but this is a verrry close second. It’s the chocolate truffles that give Sea Salt the edge here. I’d love something to break up the almost overwhelming caramel, caramel, CARAMEL in the new flavor...but it was totally worth the probably overpriced amount that I paid for it. I’d do it again, no hesitation.
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