Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Craziest Week

This week has been the most absolutely crazy week ever! I started out by flying to New York for IBM’s orientation on Monday morning. I was so worried about not knowing the Raleigh-Durham airport--how to get there, where to park, how long the security lines would be, etc.--that I left my apartment six for a nine o’clock flight. Since the drive was only 15 minutes, and I didn’t check any luggage, and there were about five people in the security line ahead of me, and I had pre-printed my boarding pass at home, I got to my gate before the flight ahead of mine even boarded. Luckily, I had some good company.

Yep, birds in RDU. Maybe they were jealous of the airplanes. Or, my dad just suggested, their flight was delayed.

Anyway, I did get lost in LaGuardia looking for the limo service to our “hotel” (the IBM Learning Center in Armonk, NY). It’s really like a college campus, with a main building where the food is, and then these dorm kinda things (I was in Willow Hall), and a fitness center way off in a corner or the property. The rooms really weren’t much bigger than a dorm room, either. And no fridge!! Man, I was annoyed about having to drink warm water.

The rest of the afternoon and the next day were spent getting oriented. Unfortunately, since I had a Macbook, I couldn’t get it configured properly. So that’s what I did for most of this morning.

Actually, for a while last night I wasn’t even sure I would be here this morning. A whole slew of thunderstorms came through last evening. The limo service actually dropped us all off super early at the airport, and the guy I asked about finding my gate got me off my 7:30 flight and onto one that was supposed to leave at 5:15, but had been delayed until 5:30. No charge, because of the weather. So I was feeling really pleased that I could be home before eight...but then, even though we boarded at 5:45, we didn’t actually take off until about 7:40. It turns out RDU actually closed for a while and stopped taking in landings, and then they had to reroute us around the storms on top of coordinating with all the other airports in the area and scheduling all the planes going south so they didn’t run into each other.

Still, I got lucky. I don’t even know if that 7:30 flight got canceled or not. The other new hire from Durham, who had an eight o’clock flight, told me that the one after hers got canceled. So if I hadn’t gotten lost in the airport and had to ask that guy, I might have been looking for a hotel all by myself in New York City.

I figure, if I got through the last three day, I can get through anything else this week throws at me. I’m nowhere near diving into any code yet for work, but I’m reading up on the app I’m going to be developing. (IBM Notes Traveler, if you want to look it up in the App Store.) It certainly looks complicated...but then again, a year ago I had no clue how to even write “Hello World” on an iPad.

So the work starts for real. But it’s exciting. I could be here for the next 20 or 30 years. That’s kind of scary to think about...but I’m thrilled that I have this opportunity. I can’t wait to really start programming!
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