Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yellowstone: Day 1 and 2

I wish I’d had the energy to post yesterday, but for the past two days we’ve basically just come back to our hotel and just crashed. Especially the first night, we were all so exhausted from flying and driving that we went to dinner and then fell asleep!

But it’s been an amazing few days. Yesterday we drove through the park and stopped at some of the important geysers, mud volcanoes, falls, etc. We also saw a ton of wildlife before we even got to any of the tourist stops. We weren’t a few minutes into the park when we saw a pair of moose in the river.

I think the real shock was when a line of buffalo walked right up alongside the car! (My mom even dropped the f-bomb, lol.) A little farther on we saw a whole herd with some babies, one of which even ran right across the road! The calves look like baby cows, but the adults are massive and hairy. They’re actually really cool. I know people have been gored by them, but the ones we’ve seen just plod along and mind their own business. They totally don’t care.

There were also elk--a few females, and this male who was posing so graciously for the tourists!

A couple of the sites we visited:

Old Faithful

Upper Falls

The Brink of Upper Falls

And today was absolutely awesome! We spent the morning horseback riding in the mountains, taking in Montana from a different perspective. My horse, a paint named Spud, was pretty cool. But of course it made me miss my own boys.

Spud, Cisco, and T-Bone

Then, we went white water rafting in the Yellowstone River. I don’t know how extreme you could call it, but we still got pretty wet. Luckily, we got wetsuits and booties since it was cold (and the water was colder!), but we still got plenty wet. I’m pretty sure I’ll feel the paddling tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and the food...the first night, the highlight was dessert: a chocolate sundae made with Moose Tracks ice cream. My dad got Huckleberry ice cream with Huckleberry syrup.

And then last night, we hit Gusher’s, a pizza and sandwich shop, for the most epic grilled cheese ever.

You saw that right, I got French fries! They were pretty good for French fries, especially given that I’m not a potato person. They were thin enough that they were mostly just the crispy outside part, with very little mushy potato-ness. So that was a success. Unfortunately, tonight isn’t as exciting, just dinner fixed from stuff we bought at the little local supermarket and a pint of Edy’s (except out here it’s Dreyer’s) in the freezer. :)

Tomorrow we’ll hike some more around the park here, then push out to Grand Tetons park, a few hours away. There’s been some amazing stuff already; I can’t wait to see everything else!

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