Sunday, July 28, 2013

Addendum to Yesterday's Randomness + Homemade Cheese Pockets

Sorry, I meant to come back later yesterday after my slightly depressing and obsessive post. Because I had an epiphany (well, maybe a mini epiphany, anyway). See, I was feeling down about myself and just all around flabby and worried about how much my body was changing. Yes, I know that’s ED screaming in my ear but as of now I can’t always tune it out. Like that song on the radio you hate, so you change the station right away, but then it’s stuck in your head for the next few days anyway.

But then I went down to the pool yesterday afternoon. I almost didn’t, because it would require me to put on my bathing suit, and I was afraid to. But I did, still fit! I don’t know what I was expecting; I’m not sure it would have been humanly possible for me to grow out of it in a week. Still, it was heartening. And upon closer examination (I know you’re not supposed to but I couldn’t help myself), I realized I don’t look a whole lot different. It’s mainly my thighs (which still bug me to no end, but I’m trying to ignore them) and...well, I was trying to figure how far “along” I am, if you know what I’m saying. :)

But the point is, I’m not a walking puffball. I did not balloon up out of nowhere just from quitting exercise. I have eaten at least 3,500 calories all week with nothing but 30 minutes of walking (plus shopping, which should totally count as physical activity). I can’t say what will happen in the next week, but for now this is extremely reassuring.

So to celebrate, I went to Walmart. OK no, I actually went to Walmart before I went to the pool, after the guys at the Chevy dealership “fixed” my car. Which, by the way, isn’t fixed. As soon as I hit 45 it starts whining and vibrating and, while the vibrating stops somewhere around 60...let’s just say my radio is louder than usual.

But back to Walmart. I bought wonton wrappers. And used them to make a totally American dinner in my new toaster oven: cheese pockets! They are waaayy simple and quick to make, and end up sort of like Pizza Rolls sans sauce.

So basically you lay the wrapper out and put cheese in them...

...wet the edges and press them together (the water “glues” them together and seals them shut)...

...and then bake them at 425 for about 6 minutes. I was going to leave them in for 10, but I yanked them out when they started exploding. I guess I didn’t quite seal my edges well enough.

But they were still good. The only problem is I’ll be eating wonton wrappers for the rest of the month because there must be 60 or 70 in the package. Hmm...anyone have any good wonton recipes out there?

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