Saturday, July 6, 2013

Arctic Zero Cookies & Cream (A Frozen Dessert Review)

I first discovered Arctic Zero “ice cream” months ago, when I learned that my local Giant carried it. After reading about it and searching high and low, I was ecstatic to finally find it.  But I quickly ran through all four flavors they offered—Chocolate, Chocolate PeanutButter, Vanilla Maple, and Strawberry—and started lamenting the fact that I couldn’t find any of the others.

Well, then I went to Jackson Hole with my parents. Yes, we were there to explore the mountains and Grand Teton national park, but I couldn’t help being totally excited when we stopped at the Jackson Whole Grocer (great name, right?) for the salad bar and found some Arctic Zero.

So I chose Cookies & Cream, since that’s the one I most wanted to try anyway. Plus, it’s silver. Who doesn’t like silver?

Again, the elevation makes the stuff explode out of the topof the pint. The gray-brown color might not be the most attractive, but if you really think about it, what would a cookies & cream ice cream with the Oreos completely pureed look like? Something like this.

The texture of this one seems to be the best of all the flavors I’ve tried so far, but I should note here that this pint rode home 15+ minutes in the car and then spent at least 45 in the hotel fridge’s little “freezer” section, which may or may not actually keep things frozen. Either way, it was pretty soft and…I don’t want to say “creamy,” exactly, but probably as creamy as something that has zero fat and just 150 calories per pint is going to get. You still have a slightly icy, sandy/grainy thing going on, but not enough to put me off, and honestly this is pretty darn close to ice cream.

As for the taste…it’s sweet in a way that could definitely pass for cookies and cream. You’ll never fool yourself into thinking it’s actual ice cream, or even frozen yogurt, though. Not sweet enough for that, and there’s something in the aftertaste that just hints at “healthy.” Sort of like a hint of protein, but not really. It’s hard to describe. It’s not bad, just obviously not the flavor they intended.

Apart from that, the only thing I missed were actual cookie pieces. That would have been a neat addition, and would have broken up the texture nicely. It also might have looked a bit more appetizing that way. But still, Cookies & Cream is my new favorite Arctic Zero flavor, nosing out Vanilla Maple. If you want something frozen that will satisfy your sweet tooth, but that’s also healthy (think 14 grams of protein!), definitely try this.

Just for fun, my Arctic Zero rankings so far:

  1. Cookies & Cream
  2. Vanilla Maple
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  4. Chocolate
  5. Strawberry
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