Monday, July 8, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Walgreens Exclusive Truffle Trifecta (An Ice Cream Review)

I made  friends with the manager of one of my local Walgreens pretty quickly after moving down to North Carolina. He even promised to call me when he finally got Ben & Jerry’s Walgreens-exclusive Truffle Trifecta, because I’ve been looking for it ever since I got here. But it turns out I beat him to the punch: upon entering the store for totally unrelated purposes, I decided to take a peek in the freezer section because--why not? Maybe I would get lucky and see this little container of 
“Chocolate Ice Cream with Marshmallow, Fudge and Caramel Truffles”
staring back.

That cow nearly set me rolling on the floor in spasms of giggles. In case you couldn’t see...

I have no idea what possessed the pint artists at Ben & Jerry’s when designing this one. Let’s hope the inside is just as good.

Hmm, looks kinda boring. Then again, it is just chocolate ice cream with a bunch of cup-shaped filled chocolate candy mixed in. No swirls to ooze out the top, and all my truffles appear to be buried, too. Oh well, let’s go digging!

I think there’s something whacked about my freezer, because this was way too easy to scoop out for B&J’s. As always, they don’t skimp on the mix-ins here. Then again, most of my spoonfuls only contained one truffle, although that was probably because I was trying to taste the difference between the caramel, fudge, and marshmallow.

At first I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to distinguish between them all, but that soon proved a pointless worry. They all share the same rich, creamy, milky chocolate shell, but that’s where the similarities end. The caramel ones are identical to those in Triple Caramel Chunk, only they stand out even more here without the already-caramel backdrop of that flavor. They’re certainly the most obvious of the three varieties. Biting into one results in a refreshing squirt of juicy caramel that starts out salty against the chocolate ice cream and then turns extremely sweet. The marshmallow ones are, oddly enough, the hardest of the bunch, and add a sugar rush to the equation, something akin to a marshmallow swirl but with less impact. The fudge-filled truffles are identifiable mostly because they lack the distinguishing features of the other two; the centers are gooey and chewy, with a fudge taste that’s less sweet than the shell. It’s worth pointing out, though, that after a while ingesting frozen food at an alarming rate, your tongue tends to go numb and all these differences don’t really matter that much.

I’d like to note that the ratio of truffles in my pint was skewed. I’m someone who likes symmetry, and there were way more marshmallow truffles than caramel and fudge combined. That said, I’m also someone who loves marshmallow anything, and those were by far my favorite of the three....

Anyway, I think this flavor could use a bit more excitement. The plain old chocolate base is as fine as most B&J’s (meaning better than most other chocolate bases), but not as deep and rich as I know they’re capable of (e.g. Chocolate Therapy). And chocolate on chocolate has never really appealed to me. I wish there was a swirl or something. Sure, I’d buy those marshmallow truffles by the bagful, but I prefer the ooey gooey swirls of Phish Food. Truffle Trifecta is good, but I don’t think it’s good enough to warrant a second purchase.
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