Monday, July 1, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Walmart Exclusive Cotton Candy (An Ice Cream Review)

Finally, after all these new ice cream brands I’ve been trying, I get to revisit an old friend. It’s hard to believe that I haven’t had any Ben & Jerry’s since coming to North Carolina. That is, until last night.

A while back I tried the Walmart-exclusive Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. I was unaware of any plans for another Walmart exclusive flavor, despite shopping at Walmart several times a week, until it started appearing on the internet a few days ago. So, knowing me, I chose the Walmart I deemed most likely to have this latest creation and promptly drove there yesterday.

As you can see, my hunch was correct. Here we have the new Cotton Candy, which is “Cotton Candy Ice Cream loaded with Candy Sprinkles.” I have to admit that I’ve eaten cotton candy exactly once, about a month ago when I ate some out of a plastic container that my sister brought home from her dorm...and then she informed me that it was at least six months old. Still, it was pretty addicting.

The inside certainly looks like a carnival. The pastel pink, blue, and purple makes for a fun contrast to the off-white base. This is officially Ben & Jerry’s lightest ice cream offering at 230 calories per serving (I’m not counting froyo). In my time away from dear Ben and Jerry, I’d forgotten just how hard it is to scoop their ice cream, as my struggles with this pint proved. But that just made the reward all the sweeter.

Not that it needed much sweetening. Or any at all, really, because this stuff is like pure sugar. No, it’s even sweeter than that. I could almost feel my teeth rotting. The cotton candy base reminded me of a birthday cake flavor on steroids; the only thing that even comes close to this sugar magnitude is B&J’s Creme Brulee.

The actual base didn’t scream “COTTON CANDY!” at me; the candy sprinkles did that. They may be little, but they’re not anything like the lame, waxy, flavorless sprinkles you usually put on ice cream. They taste just like cotton candy, and they are everywhere. They add a grit to contrast the super creamy base, which I absolutely adore. It’s funny, they describe them as “candy sprinkles”...why not “cotton candy sprinkles”? I mean, that would only be fair warning.

So the only thing missing is the texture of cotton candy, which is my least favorite part of it anyway. Bottom line, if you like sugar, you need to buy this. If you’re a birthday cake/cake batter person like me, it’s probably also right up your alley. Ben & Jerry have managed to capture the taste of cotton candy in this fun, magical little pint. And I am sooo buying it again!
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