Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blue Bell Dessert Trio (An Ice Cream Review)

My very first experience with Blue Bell Creamery was pretty freaking awesome.  I thought I’d never find anything to rival their Krazy Kookie Dough, just based on the fact that 1) I love cake batter ice cream more than ANYTHING, and 2) I love cookie dough and lord knows it was full of cookie dough. And it seemed like I was right, when their Rockslide Brownie just didn’t hold its own weight. But it turns out I was so, so wrong.

Enter the challenger. Dessert Trio: “Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pecan Brownies and Chocolate-Coated Cake with a Swirl of Chocolate Sauce.” I’ve been on the lookout for this flavor since I moved here, but I only saw it for the first time last night at Kroger. My freezer was already full, but who cares??

Even just looking through that little “window” on top, you can tell it’s going to be chocolatey. Doesn’t even look like vanilla ice cream, does it?

OH. MY. GOD. That chocolate swirl is just ridiculous. It’s very deep and dark, as first giving a little resistance to my scoop but quickly turning to liquid at room temperature. It’s so gooey and profuse that there’s basically no part of the ice cream where it isn’t. You can’t avoid it, not that you’d want to. This is the first I’ve had of their chocolate sauce, and I want more!

The cake and brownies were hard to tell apart at first, until I could be sure I’d had at least one of each. The main difference is texture: the cake pieces are fluffier, whereas the brownies are dense and chewy. The cake adds a nice cocoa flavor (not that we need more chocolate); the brownies are more on the fudgey side, and to be honest only one or two had obvious pecans and even then they were really only a small sliver. Which is fine with me, I’ve never really liked nuts in ice cream. Again, these two mix-ins (mainly the cake, though) were crazily packed into the half-gallon. I must have gotten at least 20 in the four (yes, four) servings I had.

The cookies seemed less present, although they may have just been harder to spot than the dark brown cake and brownies. I think there were two that I noticed in my bowl. They taste a bit like cookie dough but without the grit, and the chocolate chips really stand out--milk chocolate against the deepness and fudge going on everywhere else. It’s like chocolate being a break from perfect.

I can’t really comment on the base, because...well, could you separate it from all that madness? I think if it had been chocolate this ice cream might have been over the top, so I’m glad they went with vanilla, but really, with everything else going on you don’t even notice the base. It’s just there as a vehicle for the crazy amounts of mix-ins.

So, I thought Krazy Kookie Dough would be my all-time favorite forever and always, but it doesn’t even come close to this. It’s definitely a repeat buy, assuming I can find it again. And believe me, all my digits are crossed. Legs too. I need my arms to type, but if there is a way to cross my brain as well I will find it. It’s that good. Now go buy a tub before I find them all and snatch them up!

** I want to share what a big accomplishment this half gallon is for me...up until now, I
’ve been afraid to buy any ice cream at more than 150 calories/serving in a size larger than a pint. (This one has 210, for the record.) I long ago admitted that I have a problem with portion control, and also being afraid of gaining weight meant an imposed limit (however seemingly arbitrary). So I stepped outside my comfort zone with this purchase, and as you can see I
’m very glad I did. **
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