Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diving in Headfirst

All righty. So I owe you guys a post, after yesterday’s cliffhanger. The official scoop: I talked to my counselor today, and we are going full steam ahead with a modified version of the guidelines. “Modified” meaning that I get to either 1) do a yoga class, or 2) walk for 30 minutes, each day, in addition to the other two guidelines (eating at least 3000 calories per day and not weighing myself). She said she didn’t think I should quit cold turkey because...well, it was something about my body being used to all the endorphins. But she was so happy and really thought YourEatopia was wonderful. Of course, the whole time I was explaining, I was terrified because this really means there’s no going back.

Now, I exercised this morning before I met with her, so tomorrow will have to be the official first full day. But that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare now. Meaning that on the way home I stopped at Kroger and spent a crapload of money on food real people might actually put in their kitchen. I bought English muffins and cheese and grapes and, for the first time since I moved here, bread. Buttermilk bread, to be exact, which I plan on using to make toast using the butter and cinnamon I also purchased. Then of course there are some of the usuals, like yogurt (you knew that was coming), peanut butter, and cereal. And of course some junk. Like how about these awesome-looking cinnamon rolls from the Kroger bakery?

Yeah, total drool. Along with some packaged chocolate cream cakes and Fiber One brownies that spoke to me on the way down the aisle. So now I have a very well-stocked kitchen.

That’s not including what’s in the freezer and fridge.

And I haven’t touched any of it yet. No, not eating disorder panicking and taking over. Golden Corral took over.

Might as well kick it off right, eh? And Golden Corral is the place to go if you want to gain weight, no doubt about that. I think I could live in here and never get bored of all the food choices they have. And of course I’m pretty much glued to the dessert bar. (FYI, this particular Golden Corral is supposed to be the “premier location,” because the headquarters is right down the street.)

So right now I feel...well, right now I have a food baby, but I’m feeling OK about my decision. I keep getting these flutters in my stomach that are, no, not related to the ridiculous amount I ate for dinner, but actually a bit of excitement. Then again, they’re nervous too. I’m not really sure how I’ll feel after I eat the bowl of ice cream I’m planning for later tonight...and don’t exercise tomorrow. We shall see...
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