Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Edy's Slow Churned Take the Cake (An Ice Cream Review)

I think Wegmans might be my new favorite store. When I heard that Edy’s was rereleasing Take the Cake, I was excited beyond belief; when I learned that it was part of their Slow Churned line, I went absolutely insane. I scoured every freezer section, any time I went to the store. But it wasn’t until a friend turned me onto a Ben& Jerry’s sale at Wegmans that I finally found this gem.

It’s cake-flavored ice cream with sprinkles and a frosting swirl. I’m not sure what it is about blue, but all the companies seem to make their frosting swirls a nice, pastel periwinkle. (I’m thinking in particular of Blue Bunny’s Birthday Party ice cream.)

The yellowish color promises yellow cake, and the frosting is readily visible…looks good. Oh yeah, and those sprinkles are more like candy chunks!

I think this is my new favorite cake ice cream (cake, not cake batter!), and not just because it’s 1/2 the fat. The base is creamy just like all the other Slow Churned flavors, and tastes just like yellow cake. And the frosting…it’s everywhere! Maybe it could be more evenly distributed, but you can get around that by scooping from a puddly part of the container and then from a barer spot. Either way, the frosting adds a super sweet sugar rush to an already sweet base. If I had to guess I’d call it buttercream icing.

The sprinkles add a big crunch factor, since they’re not your usual little sprinkle logs. As I ate, I even started wondering if there were chocolate chunks in this ice cream, because you do get a sort of chocolate vibe from the sprinkles. It’s weird. Certainly not what you’d expect, but in a good way. I usually don’t qualify sprinkles as a mix-in (since they typically don’t add much at all), but here I do. The only thing that’s missing is cake chunks like in the Breyers BirthdayBlast!, but I like the texture and flavor so much more here that I can forgive them.

Now I just wish Edy’s would make this a year-round flavor, instead of just keeping it around for the summer. They’d have a lifelong customer in me. In fact I can’t imagine that they didn’t get enough interest in it the first time to keep it in production. It’s that good, really. Go buy some. Maybe we can convince them it’s worth saving!

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