Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good News, Good Food

Let’s do the good news first. (That’s good news, as opposed to the good news that
’s typically followed by the bad news.)
I had an appointment at the Duke Center for Eating Disorders this afternoon and...no one tried to shove me straight into inpatient treatment! Far from it, in fact. I really liked the doctor I met with. She’s not just a medical doctor, but a therapist too, and she’s used to working with kids. So she was really patient and understanding, and she was willing to go outpatient for a few weeks and see if we made progress. This is the first time I really felt like someone understood, that no one was judging me and making assumptions based on the (probably slightly inaccurate) background information I supplied and my current habits, etc. I’m going back on Friday. In the meantime, I have two assignments: First, take myself to a movie. Second, add a yogurt to my usual breakfast of a protein bar. Sick how eating disorders work...the movie will be the easy part. :/

But I really do love food, so on that note, it’s time for another conglomeration of fun food I’ve found since coming down to North Carolina. See, it all started with my quest to find Ben & Jerry’s Walgreens-exclusive Truffle Trifecta, to no avail. (They have since acquired it in the Durham area, the evidence being present in my freezer.)

Uhh, back on track. Left wanting, I couldn’t just leave empty-handed. So I ended up wandering the candy aisle, and what do I find but...

I’ve mentioned Cookie Dough Bites and their numerous variations here before. My favorites are the Cookies & Cream, but since moving I’ve only found the cookie dough ones. But check it out, Walgreens makes their own “Minis” that are the exact same thing! And not only do they have those Cookies & Cream ones, they also had

What better for a cake-batter loving person than Cupcake Minis? They’re a close second to the Cookies & Cream, and while they don’t exactly taste like cake, they’re plenty sweet and melt-in-your mouth and sugary, all the things I love about cake (which is, basically, just the frosting). Plus they get points for being colorful.

I also picked up a box of chocolate-covered caramels, thinking...well, I don’t know what I was thinking, nor why I didn’t expect they would just be Milk Duds. Because that’s pretty much what they are; they’re not as sticky and hard to chew as Milk Duds, so I like them a bit more. But I didn’t get nearly as excited about them as the Cupcake Minis.

I also discovered that they now make Reese’s Whoppers. Surprisingly, I love these. I don’t like Whoppers in general, but these are really good! The creamy coating tastes just like the inside of a peanut butter cup, I just wish it was like that the whole way through instead of having that darned crunchy center! Well, come to think of it, that might be a bit too much peanut butter, even for me.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Now I have to go look up what movies are showing in Durham between now and Friday. I’m open to suggestions...at the risk of sounding totally cliche, seen anything good lately?
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