Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Quest Protein Bar White Chocolate Raspberry

I know Quest doesn’t show up that often anymore, but it’s only because I’ve tried all their products already. But they’re always in my daily life, at two bars a day. I love the protein bars, I love the company, and that’s why I spent over an hour placing my last order just to get a couple of the prototype release of their new flavor, White Chocolate Raspberry.

Yeah, it really did take about an hour...the demand for the limited supply of these new bars was that enormous. I may not be a fan of raspberries, but I am a fan of both white chocolate and Quest bars in general, so I’m thinking it will balance out. The bars I’ve expected not to like in the past have ended up being delicious (e.g., I never eat lemon anything but the Lemon Cream Pie bar is one of my favorites). How does this one stack up?

Visually, it’s very pretty with its pinkish hue, dots of raspberry, and chunks of chocolate. Luckily, it also tastes great. First and foremost, it’s fruity. It actually reminded me a lot of the Mixed Berry Bliss bar, and a bit of the PB&J as well. It tastes like jelly, actually. Which is cool, because the part of raspberries that I really can’t stand is their texture (too prickly and hairy), and that’s almost nonexistent here. Some of the chunks have that “gritty” feel of real raspberries (maybe from seeds of something? I don’t know much about raspberries). It might sound weird and unappealing, but I liked it against the chewy base.

This white chocolate is subtler. Whereas its counterpart in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough carries a bold, bittersweet flavor, this one is extra-sweet and stays in the background. It would be interesting to see these chunks used in a white chocolate version of the Cookie Dough, where they wouldn’t be covered by such a strong fruit flavor. I will point out that the chocolate isn’t creamy like you’d expect; it’s kind of dry and crumbles. But that’s probably because it’s “better” chocolate, and it still tastes fine.

This bar is one of the drier Quest bars, and I can think of two reasons. First, the not-100%-natural line tends to be like that, and second, I think the chocolate chunks make it more crumbly just because they’re more crumbly. The same is true of CCCD, so I feel like this theory has a legitimate basis. That said, it’s still moist and chewy for a protein bar. It’s juicy, it satisfies, and overall it’s a real win.

I hope Quest keeps coming out with great flavors I’d never think I’d enjoy. It’s nice to be proved wrong like this so often. At this point I’d try anything they came out with...aside from meat or more of those fish-noodles. :) Great job here Quest!

Taste: 8--would be higher, but I’m more a fan of sweet than fruity, although this covers both bases. It’s like raspberry jelly with sweet, sweet white chocolate chunks mixed in.
Texture: 8--chewy, soft, satisfying, and won’t blow through it but it won’t kill your jaw either.
Health: 10--even if not 100% natural, it delivers 20 grams of protein and 17 grams of fiber.
Eat Again? Yes!

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