Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Talenti Mediterranean Mint (A Gelato Review)

You would not believe what I went through for this pint of gelato.

OK, my dad went through it too…so he deserves a HUGE thank you for driving me to a Walmart in Salt Lake City, waiting while I agonized over the ice cream choices, waiting in a long line, switching over to the express checkout, waiting while the lady in front of us paid in PENNIES (so the poor cashier had to count them all out…and again after the customer got the amount wrong…twice), and watching the guy who was behind us in the other line (and the guys behind him) leave the store before we finally got to the register.

You can only imagine my distress as my precious Mediterranean Mint from Talenti melted away in that line.

Just kidding, it wasn’t that bad.

See? No obvious meltage visible from the top. Well, it is getting a little light around the edges…

No, it’s not that radioactive green. Must be the lighting. But you wouldn’t believe the incredibly minty smell coming off this pint. You don’t even have to be near it to catch a whiff. And it’s going to sound weird, but I feel like I can smell the chocolate flakes, too, because this thing smells like a super-minty thin mint.

That’s how it tastes, too. If you’re worried it’s going to be like ingesting a tube of mint toothpaste, don’t be; this is not a harsh mint like toothpaste or chewing gum. It’s actually super sweet. Somehow it manages to give off a mild vibe, yet I still can’t call this “mild,” because it’s still potent.

The base is, as always from Talenti, creamy and rich. My plastic spoon cut easily through the gelato. It would have been ready to eat straight from the freezer, but the extra time spent in the checkout line warmed it enough that by the middle of the pint, I was spooning liquid.

The chocolate chunks are what really round this flavor off. Without them, it would be a little overwhelming and boring. For some reason I find that mint goes best with dark chocolate, and the folks at Talenti seem to agree. These chunks are bittersweet, rather than milk chocolate, and big enough to provide a good crunch. Mine weren’t frozen (that would be asking for a miracle), but I’d imagine that coming right from the freezer they would be harder. They have a bit of give to them, and if you let the ice cream melt in your mouth and then let the chocolate sit for a few moments, they become creamy, like little slices of heaven. I wish I could have savored more of them like this, but I didn’t want to risk having to drink the remainder of my gelato.

Although I’m not much of a mint person when it comes to frozen desserts (or desserts in general for that matter), this stuff really hit the spot. It might not have the in-your-face awesomeness of Sea Salt Caramel, but it stands out in its own, more conservative way. It’s as good as any mint chocolate chip ice cream I’ve ever tasted.
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