Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back at the Beach!

Wow, I am totally exhausted! Who knew being on vacation was this hard?!

To sum up yesterday, I got to the beach around 2:00 and hung out for a little over an hour before a huge thunderstorm hit. Once everyone else got here we went to Planet Pizza (a favorite), where I ate half a pizza and at least half a basket of French fries. Which didn’t stop us from walking to Ben & Jerry’s afterwards! I was going to try to tackle a mini Vermonster, but the employees at this particular Ben & Jerry’s informed me that the “mini” was 20 scoops of ice cream...umm, no that’s the full-sized Vermonster! I may be eating more than a normal person right now, but no way could I handle 20 scoops of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting, plus all the toppings (which is like three chocolate chip cookies, brownies, hot fudge, sprinkles, M&M’s, etc...basically every topping they have in the store). So anyway, I ended up with a brownie sundae made with Chocolate Therapy ice cream, hot caramel and hot fudge, and cookies crumbled on the top.

No complaints here. I love whipped cream, and their brownies...oh my, if you have not have a brownie from a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop, you need to go there right now and get one. No excuses.

Today we stocked up on normal food (eating out for every meal would be waay too much) and hung around the beach. And then hit up our favorite Mexican place down here, Plaza Azteca. This year I decided to try something different (as in: not entirely made up of cheese) and got veggie enchiladas.

They were stuffed with sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, corn, and spinach and covered in spinach sauce and shredded cheese. And so, so delicious.

So apart from feeling like a got hit by a truck (who knew, eating this much makes you really, really sore...almost everywhere), and eating entirely too much ice cream (last night’s sundae was followed by an entire pint of B&J’s Nutty Caramel Swirl from the 7-Eleven down the street), I’m in full vacation mode. I just need to go to bed earlier because I’m not used to getting up so early! This whole recovery thing has turned me into a late riser...apparently the rest of my family didn’t get the memo. :)
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