Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Target Exclusive Rockin' Blondies (An Ice Cream Review)

I have been on the rampage looking for the new Ben & Jerry’s Target exclusive flavors. I first heard about Peanut Butter Jam Session, which in all honesty didn’t get me excited at all because of the whole raspberry swirl part. But then the next night saw me rushing out to Target at 9:00 because I learned that the second flavor was Rockin’ Blondies: “Buttery Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Blonde Brownies and Butterscotch Toffee Flakes.”

It took me three different Targets and tons of after-work rush-hour traffic to finally find this flavor (they didn’t have Peanut Butter Jam Session, so I just bought two of these), but finally, here we are! I love toffee as an occasional thing, and the same holds true for blondies. Plus these are both completely different mix-ins for Ben & Jerry’s (although the since-discontinued Maple Blondie flavor did include these blondies).

The first thing I did was try out the base because I have a love affair with brown sugar. Which meant that my expectations were a little high, so I was disappointed in that it tasted quite similar to (though not exactly the same as) their sweet cream base. The second thought I had was that it was also a lot like their caramel ice cream, only...not quite that either. It falls somewhere between the two and has a softer consistency than usual, lending to a buttery feel. It’s a great background for the butterscotch to come.

Starting out, they seem to have given the most emphasis to the toffee. It’s seriously everywhere. It’s a lot like the standard chocolate flakes except that these are thinner and obviously have nothing to do with chocolate; they do indeed carry a rich, butterscotch taste. Given that my experiences with toffee have been almost entirely with Heath bars, these were a bit of a shock for me because (besides the obvious fact that a Heath bar is coated in chocolate) they don’t get stuck in your teeth. They’re crunchy but they’re really very easy to chew. They don’t get rock-hard from being frozen, unlike what sometimes happens with the chocolate chunks.

And, last but not least, the blondies. It took me digging through over a quarter of the pint before I saw any hint of them, but once I got past that initial buffer zone they started cropping up a lot. The toffee was still dominant, but these certainly made themselves heard as well. They were certainly my favorite part, with their chewy consistency almost like cookie dough. Unlike my recent experience with Half Baked, there were no crunchy brownies here! That said, I prefer the taste of regular brownies over the butterscotch of these blonde brownies, but just the fact that these are hardly ever used in ice cream, and that I hardly ever get the chance to eat them, brings a novelty to them that makes them even more enjoyable.

I’m always going to say I wished there were more mix-ins, especially the blondies, but really, this is a pretty awesome flavor. So unique, even for Ben & Jerry’s. I definitely don’t regret buying two pints, and I’m not even bothered about not being able to find Peanut Butter Jam Session. And I’m *almost* not jealous anymore about the core flavors they get overseas. This one is up there in my list of favorite B&J’s flavors.
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