Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bittersweet Vacation

I have to be honest, recovery is NOT by any means easy. I’ve really been struggling the past few days, not being hungry very much and not digesting properly and feeling bloated a lot. 4,000+ calories has not been kind to me. And I can feel that I’ve gained a bunch of weight since the start of the week. Oh yeah, and my thighs are touching and my work pants that were too loose a week ago almost don’t fit anymore.

OK, I know that sounds stupid. It really shouldn’t matter. I know it’s normal. But it really, really bothers me. The huge stomach, I can pass for bloating. But not the thighs. So I’ve just been feeling overall enormously jiggly everywhere and uncomfortable in my own skin. Like I could just jump out of it, if that were possible. But it’s not.

So I’m trying not to focus on that. It’s pretty easy when you’re surrounded by family and all these distractions, but now that I’m back home...I just feel so gross. And I miss everyone so much, this apartment is way too quiet and so I’m sorry but overall I’m just in a pretty bad mood right now.

But let’s try to be positive. I’ve already done so much I thought I’d never do. Like on Wednesday, my dad talked me into taking a surfing lesson with him and my cousin. Stand up on a skinny board with a wave coming behind you? Umm, no thanks! Except it was really fun!! (Pardon that lady standing in the way, this was the only picture where I was actually semi-standing on the board.)

Well, so I never really properly rode a wave in, but at least by the end of the lesson I had progressed from falling off the board backwards to falling off forwards. Everyone else did really well, though, including these two little’s so unfair how kids pick things up so easily!

Thursday was my last night to have dinner with my family, so we tried a new place because I had never eaten a stromboli. I didn’t know what I was missing...I tried to get one with cheese and broccoli, but they were out of broccoli so it was just cheese. And after eating it, I decided that the broccoli would have just gotten in the way anyway. This thing was a monster, but it was delicious! The top was buttered and sprinkled with garlic and other herbs so it was like eating a pizza/garlic bread hybrid and all that mozzarella oozing out...yes, if you were wondering, I ate the whole thing. And most of our French fries, too. I seem to have finally discovered my lost love for fries on this vacation.

And after the stromboli, I went down the street to Kohr Brothers for some frozen custard. And they now make sundaes! I got a lava cake sundae with caramel custard and caramel sauce (the other choice was hot fudge). The lava cake is warm and when you get to the center all the filling gushes out and fills the bowl. And that bowl was actually really hot when the girl at the counter handed it to me! This was delicious (and the caramel is my new favorite custard, it beat out last year’s chocolate/peanut butter twist), but next time I’ll have to try the brownie one. I think I went here at least four times (once I went twice in one day).

And the final day of vacation we spent miniature golfing and then taking a leisurely bike ride along the boardwalk. Then I got to go on a pretty awesome cruise with a great friend on the Spirit of Norfolk! What an amazing night to end vacation!

Well, that’s all I have for now. I slept for about an hour last night, left at 3 a.m., and got home before 7. I think I attempted to sleep again until 9 or so, with only mild I’m a bit mentally and emotionally exhausted. But that was officially the best vacation of my life. I just wish it didn’t have to end!!
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