Monday, August 26, 2013

Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts

Despite the fact that I have already found my true Pop-Tart love in the Cookie Dough flavor, and despite the fact that I always seem to end up hating on the crust of chocolate-based Pop-Tarts...I couldn’t resist bring along one packet of my sister’s Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts when I moved to North Carolina. (They were kind of a communal Pop-Tart box, I just say they’re “hers” because she was the only one eating them, so I wasn’t really stealing.)

So you can probably tell where this post is heading, but I’ll go on in case you’re behind. It all sounds good, right, chocolate and more chocolate. But once again, the crust fails me. The edges are crunchy, and really not very sweet as far as chocolate goes...OK, not very sweet by any standard. It’s actually pretty bitter, and between that and the dryness it’s not at all appealing.

Luckily, the filling and frosting make up for it. The filling is sufficiently gooey and more what you’d expect from something that’s supposed to taste like chocolate. It’s sort of like hot fudge, only not hot, and not as fudgy. OK, maybe it’s not like hot fudge after all. But the frosting is really, really good. It’s a lot sweeter than any of the other components, it’s obviously chocolate, and there’s something satisfying about its sugary crunch.

In fact, the middle of these Pop-Tarts isn’t bad at all. But you have to get past the outsides first, which is quite a chore. I wonder what makes the chocolate pastry so much less tolerable than the white ones, or even the Red Velvet. I’ll learn my lesson sometime...after I try them all. ;)

Pop-Tart rankings:
  1. Chocolate Fudge
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