Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts

When my parents came down to North Carolina to help me move in, one of the first things we did (after moving furniture, of course) was to visit Walmart for supplies. And we bought Pop-Tarts. Since it was just my mom and me eating them, and we both like cinnamon, we bought Cinnamon Roll Pop-Tarts.

I’ve had these before, last year. I remember liking them. But then again I don’t eat cinnamon rolls..well, I think maybe all things cinnamon just taste good to me.

These use the white Pop-Tarts pastry crust like the Cookie Dough Pop-Tarts, which I prefer to the chocolate. Unlike the Cookie Dough, though, they’re not totally frosted. It’s just a drizzle of cinnamon-roll icing. I’d definitely prefer it if they were properly iced, but despite their disadvantage, these still manage to pull it off.

The shell seems crunchier around the edges than with other Pop-Tart varieties, but once you get to the meat of the Pop-Tart, you can forget about all that with the cinnamon roll filling. It’s gooey like all Pop-Tart fillings, and it does a pretty good job of approximating a cinnamon roll. It lacks the true ooey-gooey, fat-laden richness of the real thing. But there’s only so much you can expect from a Pop-Tart.

I understand that they were going for the authentic look and feel in only drizzling on the icing, but I really really wish they’d gone ahead and just frosted the whole darned thing. Who doesn’t like frosted Pop-Tarts? Is there anyone out there besides party-poopers and old ladies watching their diets (though not closely enough to not buy Pop-Tarts in the first place) who actually, voluntarily buys unfrosted Pop-Tarts? (Apparently, because the unfrosted version of Brown Sugar Cinnamon is still in stores.)

As someone who will take chocolate over cinnamon any day, I’m obviously biased. But these still sneak in above Hot Fudge Sundae on my list.

Pop-Tarts rankings:
  1. Cookie Dough
  2. Red Velvet
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  4. Confetti Cake
  5. Cinnamon Roll
  6. Hot Fudge Sundae

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