Thursday, August 15, 2013

Edy's Slow Churned Limited Edition German Chocolate Cake Spectacular! (An Ice Cream Review)

When Edy’s announced its new summer flavors, I really only paid attention to the re-release of Take the Cake. But the other two flavors didn’t sound too shabby, either, so when the flaming red carton of Slow Churned German Chocolate Spectacular! caught my eye at Kroger, I went ahead and bought it.

German Chocolate is one of those flavors you don’t see a whole lot (my only other experience with it came from Talenti). I blame the coconut. Some people love it, some don’t mind, but it seems like there’s no “sorta don’t like it.” If you don’t like it, you really don’t like it. I generally enjoy coconut, though it’s not my favorite flavor, and I enjoyed the Slow Churned Caramel Cookie Crunch that Edy’s put out earlier this year. So the description of “rich chocolate light ice cream with a caramel coconut swirl and brownie pieces” sounded pretty appealing. Never mind that it’s called German Chocolate Cake, not Brownie. I like brownies better anyway.

What a nice-sized brownie cube lurking on the surface, that bodes well, right? Well...I think I just got lucky with that shot. There really aren’t very many brownies at all. Which is OK if they’re Ben & Jerry’s-sized brownies, but they’re not. Still, first impressions count, so I was getting excited about scooping into this.

Yup, first impressions count, and that counts double for taste. COCONUT!! Waaayyy too much coconut! As in, I nearly gagged on all that coconut. I was looking at this ice cream, it looks chocolate, there’s a caramel-colored swirl in places, maybe a white flake or two that would give the merest hint that there’s coconut in there--and the taste does not correlate at all. The thing is, I like coconut. But this coconut is weird, not the nice and sweet kind I’m used to. Maybe it just mixes oddly with the other flavors.

This ice cream really blows my mind. I’m not sure what to make of it. I can see all the components, but it really just tastes like chocolate-coconut ice cream. Primarily coconut. Caramel swirl? My taste buds say no. The coconut does such a good job of masking every other flavor, it really doesn’t taste much like German Chocolate Cake. Trust me, I had German Chocolate Cake recently when I flew to New York for work. I hardly tasted the coconut at all.

And back to those brownies...OK, here’s the thing: they’re really good. Fresh. Chewy. Fudgy. When you get them on your spoon it’s like a little cube of heaven AND you can even taste it through the coconut. But the problem is, they’re so few and far between that it’s like looking for water in the desert. So I can’t say if they’re really good, or you just learn to appreciate them because they’re a rare find.

You probably already guessed it, but I won’t buy this one again. The coconut just takes the whole thing out of whack, and lack of brownies is always disappointing. Sorry, Edy’s. Better luck next time.
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