Thursday, August 1, 2013

Graeter's The Original Salted Caramel (An Ice Cream Review)

Living in State College, I would see pints of Graeter’s at Weis all the time. In general I’m a bit leery of getting ice cream from Weis, because once when I went to get Ben & Jerry’s the pint was squeezable and literally liquid inside. Plus, none of the flavors really appealed to me. I mean, who’s going to pick Chocolate Chip when Phish Food is sitting on the shelf below?

But then, after nearly six weeks of living in North Carolina, I ran across this pint of The Original Salted Caramel. Not just Salted Caramel. Not even Original Salted Caramel. This is The Original Salted Caramel.

With a name like that, it’s setting some high expectations. But just looking at the surface is promising. It’s dense, at 107 grams per serving, and doesn’t look like it holds much air. And it’s popping out the top. Loving this.

Now, with super-premium stuff like this I’d expect to have to work for a spoonful (yeah, I’ve been killing whole pints recently...there is no “portion control” anymore, lol). That dense yet somehow fluffy texture only adds to the euphoria of this ice cream. It is seriously rich, seriously creamy, verrry thick, and quite possibly the smoothest ice cream I’ve ever come across.

And not only that, but this is the first “salted caramel” ice cream/gelato where the salt is really obvious to me. I’d long ago assumed that my salt taste buds were dead, but they must work to some extent because I could definitely taste the difference between “salted caramel” and just “caramel,” in that this wasn’t just caramel. It adds a complexity to the flavor that makes up for the fact that there are no mix-ins. In fact, I didn’t even miss them, and I’m the queen of mix-ins. I even think they might have gotten in the way here.

Only one complaint: air holes. There were two, about the same size. I realize we can’t all be perfect, but I want all four servings, thank you very much. Those are 100 calories I could have inside me right now!! :)

The salt isn’t overwhelming; this is still some sweet stuff, but it does deliver on its name. After trying this, I think I need to buy some of their other flavors, too...even if it is “just” Chocolate Chip.
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