Sunday, August 18, 2013

Haagen-Dazs Walgreens Exclusive Midnight Cookies & Cream (An Ice Cream Review)

I have no idea what possessed me to drive across the street after finishing my shopping at Kroger yesterday, but for some reason instead of turning right and hopping on the freeway home, I pulled into the parking lot of Walgreens.

OK, I know exactly what possessed me, and that was the sudden urge to try Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Brittle again (I had it once over a year ago). The only places around here that carry Peanut Brittle are Walgreens and Harris Teeter. Add that to the lack of ice cream already in my car, and decision made.

And what possesed me on the drive home was the spirit of a mad woman with a precious pint of melting ice cream stuck on a freeway behind a mile-long line of stopped cars. And then a frantic woman with what must surely by now be a pint of slush, trying to figure out which way to turn when the detour my GPS took me on included a left turn onto a closed road. Thank god for Google Navigation and smartphones. It took me over 40 minutes for a drive that’s usually less than 15.

No, that’s not Peanut Brittle. See, this Walgreens didn’t have it in stock. But then my eyes caught on the gold...exclusive know I couldn’t resist. So here we are with a wannabe-pint of Haagen-Dazs Midnight Cookies & Cream.

As stated clearly on the carton, this is “an indulgent blend of smooth chocolate ice cream, buttery fudge ribbons and chocolaty wafer cookies.” I think it’s like regular cookies & cream, only with chocolate ice cream and fudge swirl.

Oooh, I’m being taken back in time to the night I tried Peanut Butter Pie for the first many cookies already, even just on the surface. If you look really closely, the fudge sauce is also making an appearance in places around the rim.

Umm, wow, that is a really deep chocolate. Of course I got a hunk of cookie on my first bite, and it surprised me in that my initial impression was a hint of coffee. But that quickly faded and I realized that it was just that the cookies and fudge are not overly sweet. They’re more bittersweet, like dark chocolate. You know how the cookie parts of an Oreo are? They’re not that sweet, right? Well, the cookies lend that taste to the mixture. The milk chocolate base mitigates the two mix-ins for a nice balance. It’s my favorite chocolate base to date.

The fudge ribbons are especially rich. While they’re not as frequent as the cookies, they seem to have infiltrated the entire pint with their richness, and when you get a spoonful it’s like a blast of over-chocolateness. Seriously, don’t buy this ice cream if you think there’s any such thing as too much chocolate. This one is giving Chocolate Therapy a run for its money.

This pint is also a playground of textures. The base is probably the smoothest ice cream I’ve ever eaten and the gooey, liquid-like swirl just adds to that. The cookies are like soggy Oreos--and I mean that in the best possible way, like Oreos soaked in milk. I like them much better than crunchy Oreos. They really are like the pie crust pieces in Peanut Butter Pie, crumbly and soft and perfect.

So you probably don’t need my recommendation, you’ve already decided to buy it (unless you don’t like chocolate). Sure I went in wanting Peanut Brittle, but the truth is after eating this I didn’t miss it at all and I would totally go back and buy Midnight Cookies & Cream again!
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