Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Almost Vacation Time!

I am just over 12 hours from leaving for Virginia Beach and I am practically bouncing off the walls with excitement! It’s been way too long since I really, truly got to enjoy vacation without stressing about food and exercise. I’m having trouble focusing on much at the moment, but I can always focus on food!

So, seeing as I’m eating enough to feed a small family, I go shopping a lot. Which is cool because it means I get to find a ton of new foods to try. I just wanted to share a few of the highlights from the past few weeks:
  • PB Crave Cookie Nookie: peanut butter with wild honey, chocolate chips, and cookie dough flavoring. I thought it would be amazing, but it’s not my favorite peanut butter. It’s really really salty, and the jar I got was all separated, so that I ended up pouring a bunch of oil off the top and now there’s a bunch of hard stuff at the bottom. All the chocolate chips sank, too. And there are these chunks that I’m not sure if they’re cookie dough chunks or just hardened peanut butter. (I just pretend they’re cookie dough and go with it.) My breakfast is usually a peanut butter sandwich using this stuff, an egg and cheese sandwich, and some yogurt. I find I can’t really use the PB Crave for dipping marshmallows in because the flavor is just a little too wacky. Next time I’ll go back to PB & Co.
  • French Toast Bagels: Well, that pretty much sums it up. They are SO GOOD. Even better than Panera’s. I forget the brand and I already ate all five in three days, but they were in the refrigerated section. Toast + butter = heaven.
  • Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish: That’s right. Goldfish are no longer limited to lame salted cracker flavors anymore. For those of us with a sweet tooth, they come in several new graham flavors like French Toast and Fudge Brownie. So I need to go back and get more. I had the S’mores ones way back as a freshman in college and I forgot how much I like the grahams as opposed to the crackers. These might not taste exactly like cupcakes, but they’re really sweet and crunchy yet soft and they stick in your teeth so you can taste the sweetness even after they disappear (and they do disappear, alarmingly fast in fact).

And, in the process, I discovered my new favorite Walmart (where I found the bagels and peanut butter), which happens to be the closest one to my apartment and my work, which means it’s also the most convenient one to stop at in the evenings. Funny how things work out.

OK, back to bouncing off the walls...figuratively of course, I highly doubt that counts as being sedentary. Such is the cost, ironically enough, of being in active recovery. :)
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