Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More From the Beach

Well, today was officially the worst vacation weather ever. It started raining just in time to drench us all as we finished up our walk back to the hotel this morning, and it didn’t let up until about 5 or 6 o’clock this evening. And it was chilly! So no way was I going to get in the water even if it wasn’t raining, and most people apparently agreed because there was hardly anyone in the ocean all day.

So we stayed in. And went shopping, running from shop to shop when the rain let up a little. On the plus side: My car got fixed (a HUGE thank you to my dad; since car dealers don’t listen to me when I tell them what’s wrong, he got to take it in) and we stopped at Kohr Brothers for frozen custard on the way back from shopping. This vacation has seen the first time in years that I’ve allowed myself a “treat” (i.e., dessert) before dinner. On Sunday I had a cookie at lunchtime. And today, I had a small chocolate/vanilla twist in a cone. (The cone was stale but who cares, it still tasted great!)

The highlight of the day, though? IHOP!! When I got the red velvet pancakes back in Durham, I said I’d drag my family out to IHOP while we were here at the beach, and honestly it didn’t take much convincing. (Only showing them the menu!) The hardest part was deciding between the Cinnastack pancakes and the red velvet ones again. But I solved that problem by asking for two of each!

I’m still not sure which ones I like better. I guess maybe the Cinnastack, since they all have the gooey cinnamon roll filling on the top, whereas only the top of the red velvet stack has any toppings. But I do love the cocoa flavor of the red velvet ones...so I think this may be my new default order every time I go to IHOP. And yes, we did have breakfast for dinner.

Yesterday’s highlight was Sweet Frog. Actually, that was the only place we ate out at all day. After a while going out for dinner just wears on you and it feels good to have a meal in (even if it is just a huge bowl of Froot Loops). But anyway, back to Sweet Frog...

That, my friends, is not the small-sized tub, but the large one. And even the smalls are large, because when you pay by the ounce they want you to put a lot in there. I’ve always been intimidated by the bigger tubs, but I’ve switched my perspective around and now they are my friends. I filled that baby up with four different kinds of froyo (cake batter, cookies & cream, dulce de leche, and chocolate chip cookie) and a ton of toppings (brownies, cookie dough, double chocolate cookie dough, white chocolate chips, and sea salt caramel truffles) and some caramel and marshmallow sauce to finish it all off. It came in at 21 ounces. I would have been embarrassed if I wasn’t so darn hungry!! :)

This left me questioning why I haven’t yet visited the Sweet Frog in Durham. Plain and simple, it was heavenly. Especially the cake batter and dulce de leche yogurt. I’d go there again, but I’m at a disadvantage at this type of place. They certainly get their money’s worth out of me!

On a totally random note, now that I have more time
I’ve taken up drawing. Well,
I’m revisiting drawing, because I used to do it all the time in middle and high school.
I finished my first one today...of Sydney, of course!

I’m far from a professional, but
it’s fun.

So my fingers are crossed that tomorrow is a better beach day, because I haven’t gotten a whole lot of time in the ocean. I can’t even believe the week is almost half over already!
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